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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ROYCROFT FAMILY REUNION 2016 and Abby's first beach

 On the road to Houston..she loves her new shades.
 first time at the beach for Abby and I hadn't been to Texas beach since I was about 14 with my Daddy. She was timid at first but once she figured out if she fell and got wet it was no biggie..she was like a fish..kept wanting to go farther and farther out..and feeding the birds was an adventure ...they would hover about 2-3 feet right over our heads waiting for us to feed them..made me think of the movie the Birds...eek.
 Jamie packed a huuuuge picnic lunch and it was so much fun.
 Jamie and I both had fits over this dude..who was the sweetest nicest funniest dude ever..but all we could do was drool and look at his pecs, biceps and abs..holyshit..make you fall to the ground and bite sticks.
 my most beloved cousin Terry..they opened their home to us(and a beautiful one) and treated us so special..Abby plum fell in love with him.he and Beadie both were great with her. 
 playing in the toy room at Terry and Beadie's..
 My cousin Troy and his wife Jamie became my favorite cousins..and it had nothing to do with the fact that they have a beach house about 5 miles down the road where we were at..really..nothing at all..ok, maybe a little bit..
 my beloved Aunt Leola.or as we always called her WoWo..if it hadn't been for that woman I probably would have been raised in foster care..she saved me more than once..she will be 93 in Dec. still drives her red mustang and carries a gun under her front seat..
 the most special lady ever..Terry's wife Beadie getting some Abby love.
 Abby and I climbed the tree..she went higher than I did.. I'm catching her here after she went catch and flew out of the tree at me..kid has no fear.

 Terry and his brother Bobby and their mother my aunt Leola..we're the 4 oldest of the crew..92, 72, 69,67. Aunt Leola is the only one left of my daddy's brothers and sisters.
 Terry and Abby..she is crazy about him.
 Toby..Terry and Beadie's son..and as you can see she's crazy about him too..he was so great with her..he told his brother she was 4 and talking to her was like talking to a 10 year old..
 me and my little G.
 the 3 of us..beach bunnies
 pointing out birds.
Abby Wabby...

we had a wonderful time at the beach and at the reunion..I love all my family..and made a big deal telling Abby that she was going to be meeting her family and she would love all of them...so she was running up to everyone and hugging them..it was so wonderful to see..everyone left that place loving Abby..life is good..even if one of them damn cousins gave me a damn cold..which by the way I am over..


Intense Guy said...

I love the fourth photo from the bottom. :) Lots of love among these folks!


i love that one too Karl.

Jan said...

What a great family you have.


yep..even the one that keeps trying to convert me.