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Sunday, September 25, 2016

FALL DOWN AND GO BOOM.. leg cramps were getting (and still are) worse so I went to see Dr Cujo about either changing my meds or trying something he gives me something I had tried before that didn't work but a higher dosage..yeah, that was a great idea..
I live in a town that the 2 drug stores Freddy delivers me my med and at 9:30 (take before bedtime) 10:20 I was almost in a coma..was like I was scared the fuck out of me.I had a crushing headache and sick to my stomach..I had read the information that always comes with a new drug and knew what the side effects were and one was it can make you go to sleep with no warning..just bam your my heads hurting and I'm nauseated I stand up and wait a few seconds..ok I'm cool...and took three steps and blacked out..bam ..hit the carpet face down..I don't think I was out for long but when I came too I knew I was going to be sick..staggered down the hall to the bathroom and projectile vomited every thing I had in my stomach, two toenails and some undigested gum from the 50's..then I had dry heaves ..this went on till 3:30 am..and of course because I'm a stubborn old lady I didn't call an ambulance. The next day I was describing the events to facebook and shit hit the fan..people were threatening to drive from Virginia to kick my ass then take me to Dr. (and some of your's) friend Babs called me and said I'm coming to get you and take you to Cujo's..and she did..sigh*..I have a concussion, can't drive for meals on wheels or pick up kolaches from Gerik's Bakery for senior center. For at least 2 weeks..maybe longer..up to Cujo..'
I still have a horrible fucking headache..still a tad dizzy(no jokes here folks) and cry at everything..and yes that can be a side effect from a concussion. Charles Osgood retired this morning and set me off on a crying jag..judas priest..It's raining and Dexter got wet, cried..saw a picture of a little girl holding a sign about the word retarded...cried..Redskins made a touchdown, I cried..can't wait for the Cowboys game tonight..I'll be a sobbing mess facedown on the floor again if they loose..
just so you know..I'm ok..nothing I can't handle..gave the Goddess something shiny for me...I'm good..
love you sonsabitches.jsrd

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY ABBY.. Baylor gave you a win for your birthday

 Abby and Baylor Bear cheerleaders.
 bouncy house
 Baylor Bear Claw and growl.
sweet cousins...