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Monday, May 02, 2016


this blog written by my friend is worth the time to check him out..his stories are so appealing...I feel like I know these people and if I didn't know them wished I take some time and check him out. trust won't be sorry...js


 the grands and me..with Jennifer's x photobombing us..little asshole..
it was a really great day...went off without any hitches..except for a hive of honey bees that thought that pink, yellow and green jumping house was a giant flower..and it was windy...
 without a doubt the best picture of Olivia...ever
 she was so bored with the picture taking..
 the mermaid outfit I got for Olivia..also came with matching bikini...soooo cute.
 Abby had a cupcake with red icing and had it from her hands, up her arm and all over her her dress.
 Olivia got lots of really cute things..she was so excited about the pink broom her nana got her..which is what she asked for.. a pink broom.

 tutu with butterfly wings..
 doing her Greta Garbo .....
 Jenny kept it small this year and was so much more fun.
 Abby wanted to drive the caddy home.
 cupcake eating time.
Abby throwing her gang signs..