Thursday, April 24, 2014


I was born November 12, 1943 in Blytheville, smart ass remarks..My mother was pissed at my Daddy and refused to go home to Texas so I could be born there..I'm not sure but I think my Dad's mother and a sister-n-law drove from Mesquite and took me to Texas when I was 6 days old..Daddy was all over the place and mother went with him but I pretty much stayed with his folks..I do know that some how my sister who is 8 years older than me and I ended up in a motel in Oklahoma. Mother took us there and then decided to give some troops some one on one entertainment..After a week my sister went to the desk and gave them all the information they would need to get in touch with my Grandma and she got in touch with Daddy via Red Cross.Again my relatives came to our rescue.My sister going to our mother's family and me going to Daddy's family...I think I spent that time with my aunt Leola, Daddy's sister in Houston..Daddy and mother came and got me and we went to Oklahoma, where I went to my first of 4 schools for the first grade..2 in Oklahoma and 2 in Texas. I'm pushing on my memory and I think it was Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma and Texas. Daddy was stationed at Kelly AFB and that was where I learned my gift of language..bad language.Then I  remember being in Mesquite and then Mother and I flew to Los Angeles commercial and then we flew military to Hawaii where Daddy met us at the airport and  we spent almost 3 years there.Then we went to Laredo, Texas which was like a third world was right after the flood that had washed out the international bridge and took a lot of lives..thing I remember the most is the dead animals all over the place. For 3 months I was the only Caucasian kid in the school..and then 2 boys moved there and it was 3 white kids .I also learned how to shoot pool in the beer bar..Think...I was 9-10 years to be pretty good at it too.

From Hawaii to Laredo what a culture shock that was..Then Daddy got stationed to Bergstrom AFB, Austin, Texas I went to 2 civilian schools and then we got base housing an we lived on base..then Daddy got sent to Korea and Mother and I moved to Chandler, Arizona where Daddy's sister and family lived and close to Williams AFB..had to be close to base for commissary, etc. While Daddy was in Korea mother did another lets ditch the kid and go party routine. I was running wild and got thrown out of 2 schools and then Daddy got hardship ? leave and came back to the states..Daddy had to have an operation on his ankle and he was in hospital so while that was going on I was going to yet another school in Houston, Texas..then Daddy got stationed back at San Antonio and we lived at Kelly Homes..I lived on Saturn and the guy that became my first husband lived on Mars..One school there and the last one..I married husband number one and he joined the Air Force..he was a brat too..I thought he was going to be a lifer.but after 4 years of living in Roswell New Mexico at Walker AFB..having one son and pregnant with another we got out of AF and moved to Oregon to be near his folks..when the baby was 4 months old I tossed #1 out ..and thus ending my military life..still miss it..

Monday, April 21, 2014

ham sandwich, ham casserole, ham and eggs, ham salad, and ham and beans Monday.

Friday, April 18, 2014


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