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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


was an article in the paper and when I got thru reading it I was ready to kick some serious ass...here tis'...
50 cent credits his drug dealing past with helping him become a superstar rapper..because he used the same methods to get people hooked on his music as he did to encourage people to but his illegal substances. The son of a drug dealing mother who was murdered when he was 8, 50 cent real name curtis jackson was selling drugs by the time he was 11, he says. The "candy shop" star garnered a collection of layal hip-hop fans by giving away free sample of his music, just like he did as a peddler of crack cocaine. He admits in his neew autobiography, From peices to weight: one upon a time in southside queens, "I'd use marketing, like giving free samples to potential addicts. The same trick I used to get my music off the ground."

well, fuck me...
im so pissed I don't know if I should spit or go blind...what a fucking nerve that little bastard has...im calling my granddaughers this evening and if they own one cd by him im telling them this little story and if they don''t throw them away im going to their house and do it my self...judas priest...what is the world coming to..?????????????????????

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