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Monday, August 08, 2005


yes, it has started..only preseason but its here...have started my football book for the year. every since '87 I have kept a football book. it contains the weeks games with point spread where i pick and bet sometimes with a "friend" or sometimes with another type friend and I have done pretty good over the years... the book contains wins, loses, points for, points agains, percentages, at home away from home for both teams playing..on grass, weather conditions, etc...plus as the year goes on I will copy down things that I might have found interesting. lines from books, movies, head lines. predictions for super bowl...random poems, etc. I don''t know what anyone will do with them when I croak. make a good fire I guess..there are wine stains on the pages, beer stains, scribbles from the granddaughters, notes I wrote to myself about game, players, etc...weird, have been doing it for so long..kind of a football blog...

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