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Monday, August 22, 2005


I have been coming to this library at least 5 days a week for over 10 years...and just now discovered they have a scanner..fuck me...if i can figure out how to do it..i will be loading my blog up with pictures..want eveyone to see my beautiful daughter..she is sober 14 months and lost almost 60 lbs..she looks soo fine...but couldnt figure out what was really differnt about her..then i snapped..she looked like a woman...not just some pretty big tittied girl...so proud of her..she called last night and we talked for almost 2 hours..you cant belive the difference talking to her sober as it was talking to her drunk all the time..she has a fella who seems to be good for her and they are even talking about (way down the road) having a baby..she wants to have a baby..i freaked out..this is the kid from the time she could form a sentence said "i dont want to have kids"..and now she does..maybe i'll get that grandson yet...well, going to go home and make me some sun tea, lemon chicken, and have a bowl of boomer sooner surprise(with out the viagra sprinkles)..see ya'll tomorrow...

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