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Monday, August 29, 2005


sat is great for cooking show on pbs..there is one that is my favorite..not so much for the recipes or the cooking knowledge but just to listen to the "chef"...it is called capfire cafe..and the cook is either from broken pelvic, idaho, or pubic hair, wyo. or maybe dipshit,alabamahe cracks me up..this week he was making a dressing and it called for "ball sam-ik vin'ger"...i swear that is what he called it.. i laughed so hard rocky got up and left the house..sat. night we had one of those lovely texas rains...soaked the yard good, watered my plants and i went out and did my little rain goddess thank you dance...got mud all over the kitchen floor...oh well.i have been in such a happy happy happy mood...the cowboys have won 2 straight...beat houston which will give me some thing to rub in on the houston kinfolk if i go to the reunion..still havent decided if im going or not..if i dont and stay in west i will take pictures of my little town and send them out..still trying ot figure out how to scan and put on blog site..no one here knows how to use it...doh...i just finished reading a book i had read before and enjoyed and thought i would recommend it to you ..it is american tabloid by elroy lenord or lenord elroy one of the two..i have old farts desease...i had a weepy phone call with the little goddess and she said i must say im sorry to my son for what i said about his wife...so i did..i emailed it to him..was going to call but my luck she would answer the phone and ..well, we wouldnt want that...so im sorry....no matter how funny i thought it sounded or how pissed i was at her i should not have said it and especially on my blog site and then ask him to read it..kind of shitty of me...but i never said i was a nice person...so anyhow..we'll see how that bit goes...im almost embarrased to say this..but i want soap operas..or day time dramas as they like to be called now...i started out 40 years ago watching another world and days of our lives... when they took another world off the air i was pissed for three years..hell, im still pissed about it...now i watch days, general hospital(just to see sonny grin and see those dimples) guiding light( i like reva, she's nuts), young and the restless just to see if victor will ever change his expression or grow a personality..i used to watch bold and the beautiful but that one chick who sleeps with all the forrester men creeps me out..she has been down on everything but the titantic..kind of like sonny on general hospital..who gets more ass than a toilet seat...but something that i noticed on them is the amt of plastic surgury they have had...and how fucking skinny they are...the actress that plays hope on days of our lives looks like a walking talking skeleton ...and the actress that plays caroline has had so much surgury that he teeth dont even fit her mouth anymore..she looks like that scary guy that played the preacher in poltigist 11..she looks like she is near death...and there is so much collegen in the lips of the woman on bold & beautiful(taylor??) that if she bit her lip she would drown before anyone could get her to the hospital...im not against plastic surgury but there is a point where these people are starting to look un human...or not human...they look chinese...no wrinkles, no fat, no bags, no .....nuffin..what the fuck do they eat to get so skinny..or do they eat at all...?? pretty weird...but if i had the money i would get clipped, snipped, tucked, sucked and have every thing lifted but my personality...you would be able to build another person with the fat they could get off me..yeah, like that is going to happen...

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