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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


and ain't it a wonderful thing...smells sooo good. felt good too. left the window on the truck down and was going to run out and roll it up, but felt so good, I walked slowly to the truck...
Im at the library where I have been book readers jackpot..new J. A. Jance book. (not spanking new, but new to me)Improbable Cause...about J.P. Beaumont...like him and Sherriff Brady in the other series she does..then I got the new James Patterson Lifeguard...and the best of allllllll. the new James Lee Burke book Crusader's Cross. a new Dave Robicheaux novel...im so happy I could sing...but since I sound like a gravely version of gabby hayes, I will refrain.
and while I was checking them out Henrietta says to me"I can't belive you were so nice to the post master the other day."....(doh...????) and said, "why wouldn't I?" she said, "well, I knew you were upset cause they were talking about moving your mailbox.". "yes, but it wasen't his fault, he is just doing his job, it is the new neighbor that has cause to worry about the state of her ass"...she got that pinched little purse around her mouth that she gets when I step out of line in the library..."OH", she said...there are few things in life that give me more joy than making her do that little thing with her mouth...which is why every chance I get I mention the goddess, my hatred of forest gump, and that the pope is a nazi..that one really gets to her...heehee..life is good..
what really makes life good...is foot ball season is coming up...I can smell lether and hear the sound of bodies smacking against each other all the way from oxnard, calif.which incidentally is my favorite city in calif...well, not the city but the name..I just love to say oxnard...when I lived in Calif. I would make up sentences with the city oxnard in it...like there is a great mall in oxnard...its on the corner of yadda yadda and oxnard blvd. I know it is weird..but it made me happy...oh, go to hell, and while your at it...go to oxnard...life is good.
You will notice the difference in my blogs once football season is here...I will be consumed with all things Cowboys...and no I don't want to root for teams like the Seahawks, who have never won a Super Bowl..and get it straight right now...I have no use whatsoever for the eagles or the city from which they sprung or the state where it resides..they are scum and should die...I don''t feel this way about other teams, I love the Raiders, the Texans, Cleveland, and because of my love for my friend Mary, the Bronco''s..I don''t like the redskins, Miami, or San FRancisoco. they suck...its a division thing...But I love my Cowboys...I loved them win they were winners, I loved them when they were losers..I loved them with good coaches and stupid ones..(yes, sooner you know which one I speak of)I loved them when they were fucking 'ho's and doing drugs...I didn''t love the ones fucking up, but I loved the team..I miss Landry, Bill Bates and Nate Newton before he became stupid and decided to sell drugs as a way to pay his child support...stupid asshole...named my pitbull after him...nate..now he''s in a prison in ark...stupid asshole...anyhow, I love my boys...thru thick and thin and all the inbetween, they are my team...not one of those good time fans...Im a all the time fan...I will cuss them, beat my head on the wall and cry like a baby when they lose...but they are still my boys...I am thinking about having "wait til next year" tattooed on my ass...hopefully this will be the year...parcels...don't fail me now....

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