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Monday, August 08, 2005


The owner of the chevy dealership here in west is building a hotel...supposed to open feb.1st 2006...70 rooms, 2 meeting rooms, a workshop facility, an outdoor swimming pool, a gift shop, dry sauna and a facility available with computers and internet connections for guest use...hot damn....pretty cool...and of course it is going to be called the Czech inn...and a sonic is supposed to be coming too...we are getting so big time...
West Rodeo is a week away..and still are taking applications for mutton busters...
Deiterman-Berger's are having a family reunion...1990 grads are having a high school reunion...one engagement, 3 births, 6 deaths..one of them a friend of mine..and to top off that peice of news. Patsy, that does the bookkeeping at the community grocery, husband died..david ...I have known him for almost 30 years and Patsy for about 25...he has been ill for some time with liver cancer and finally just gave out...the viewing is tonight and that is wher I should be, but to be honest, I am stalling for time...just hate these damn things...
Local cub scouts earn religious awards...now this I dont understand...do they get these for doing "christian acts".?? or being a christian cub scout..? which is what...man, crap like this makes me want to bang my head again..
West ATDS wn the freshman girls state championship...why are they called freshmen girls...shouldnt it be freshpeople girls??? hmmm
well, im all a twitter..asleep at the wheel is going ot be playing friday night of west fest weekend...i love asleep at the wheel..plus brave combo is going to play again too. they have played every year since we have had west fest...if you dont know about brave combo, you havent lived..they win polka grammy's every year...and until you have heard them play smoke on the water..you havent lived...only they could do a polka version of jimmy hindrix... years ago west fest was only sat and sunday and friday night was street dance night..everyone would get a cooler full of beer, soda etc and wander down to the middle of town right in front of the bank by the rr tracks...then the little stores decided to stay open and we could wonder all over town meeting and greeting, dancing to the street bands, drinking beer and having a great time...the city finally figured out there was a lot of money being made and they should have some of it so they made it illegal to have the street party..said they were worried about someone getting ran over by a train...assholes, just ruined it for all of us...so now west fest is friday, saturday and sunday... I usually just stock up on groceries and hide out or go to family reunion...as the population of west goes from 1,900 to any where from 30,000 to 45,000... and town is bumper to bumper with drunk czech's...well, I have stalled long enough...need to go make an appearance at the viewing....by from west by god texas

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