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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


my favorite football player was not that great of a football player..but he brought me more laughs than david letterman. his name was joe don looney. he played for so many different teams he may have set a record..most of the stories i read about him are from when he played for Detroit...they for some reason had a gym set up inside(this was in the 50's maybe or 60's) and they had one of those tension type machines where you would get down and ram it with your shoulder like you were going to hit someone..and it was spring loaded to hit you back like a real person..well, somehow they had the tension too tight and it was knocking people out, so they said dont mess with it till we get it fixed..looney said fuckit and got down jumped forward hit the machine and it knocked him out..totally..they took him off and said, really now..dont mess with it til we get it fixed. looney was not going to let some damn machine get the best of him. so later on after lights out the entire team could hear this sound over head of someone running...then a wham sound and then a thump and silence....then running again..the wham sound and then a thump...all night long...he never gave up..they finally had to take it away..he was also not very good at obeying orders and hating the thought of someone telling him when he had to be in bed for bed check...so was constantly sneaking out..once in a team meeting while watching films he got up handed the coach a sandwitch and said hold this for me and walked out and never came back...he got fired from so many teams..he adventually left football and then one day i saw a picture of him in people magazine with an elephant..cant remember the story but lots of people were pissed off. he died..and i miss him and his weird mind..

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yellowdog granny said...

Joe Don Looney, HB/P - 1962
During Joe Don Looney’s first game, he walked up to then-head coach Bud Wilkinson and said, "Put me in the game, I’m going to score a touchdown." With the Sooners losing 3-0 to Syracuse late in the fourth quarter, Wilkinson decided to let him prove it, and that’s exactly what he did. On Looney’s first carry he took the ball 60 yards and won the game for OU.

The only junior college player that Wilkinson ever accepted, Looney played only one full season for the Sooners during which he led OU in rushing (852 yards on 137 carries), scoring (10 touchdowns and 62 points) and kickoff returns (31.5 average). His 43.4 yard punting average led the nation.

Considered to be one of the greatest athletes ever to play at OU, Looney had only played football for two years before coming to OU. He was a man with a big dick.