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Friday, August 13, 2010


The first sets were taken by Jessica one of Kathy's helpers and she takes pictures for me too. Not as good as mine..ha..
The lady in the red top is named Jackie too and she's a character.

The lady in red in the front row is Bonnie, she's the one I'm coming to get this coming Monday and taking her to the library so she can get her Library card and check out some books. She has short term memory loss and that also gives us something in common..ha

The Banana Split..Me and Marissa putting them together..She was so much help and the old farts loved having her there. Some of them knew her Grandma and Grandpa so that was cool too. Since both of them are both gone.
Marissa is 14, writing a Fantasy book, draws Japanese cartoons, is a straight A student, and is teaching herself Japanese. We had a smaller crowd this time. They were on lock down because there was a flu going around and a lot of them were sick and some were still sick. Joe who usually is front and center was not feeling good and only got a small bowl of ice cream and then had to go lay down. He's on dialyzes now and not doing good at all.
This time after everyone had eaten I sat down and talked to a few of the ladies. Bonnie, Geraldine and Mary. We had a great time. Got them talking and Marissa and I got to hear some great stories. We talked about the games we used to play when we were kids, not having TV or video games and how we all used our imagination and none of us were fat as we were running all over the place. I really had a great time and so did they. Next month I'm bringing watermelon and going to make flour tortilla wraps. Finding recipes to make to go with the tortillas. Any one have any let me know. Another day with the old farts..and a great time was had by all.



damn firefox..it splits the pictures from the writing..feck..

Twain12 said...

Marissa sounds like my kind of girl and i LOVE Banana Split

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Now I want a banana split too! Your ice cream treats fed their stomachs but your conversation and banter fed their spirits, YDG!

Nit Wit said...

Just having someone pay attention to them is worth more than you can imagine. That is one of the things I learned from living in a place like that while I learned to stand up and walk again. The treats are a great addition. You wouldn't believe how excited the residents got when the nightly ice creme and snack cart came by. Me included. If I missed it I would get in my wheelchair and chase them down. Now I have to get up and make my own.

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

Life couldn't get any better in West.
Would love to hear what some of their memories were as a child growing up. Games, school, chores.
Memories of their parents and grandparents and their babies.
Well.....you get the picture.

I know.........go find my own resthome. Is that what you are saying? ;0)

rox said...

There's something about seeing old people that just makes me want to weep. I know I've told you this before but you sure are a good egg.

texlahoma said...

Someone named Jackie that's a character?
No Way!


I said it before and I'll say it again...I love doing it..it makes me feel good ...and I like them..they are still in the fight..

more cowbell said...

wow that was a whole lot better than the FB version.

Intense Guy said...

I'll trade my banana split in for a chance to talk to both of you Jackies in person!


I bet both of you are real sweeties.