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Friday, August 20, 2010


Sue me I forgot..I went to bed at normal time and got up at 7:30a.m. and at 6something in my dream I remembered I forgot to do Friday stumbles but I was in the middle of a black Mass dance and didn't want to wake up till I found out how it ended.(The police came just in the nick of time to save the baby wrapped in wolf's clothing ........) yes, folks!. Sleeping pills give me weird ass dreams. I had to get back on a schedule. The other day I went to bed at 5a.m. got up at 11a.m. and forgot to eat lunch. Gave me and Babs a big healthy scare when my blood sugar bottomed out at about 30, maybe lower. I was sweating, couldn't see, shaking like a leaf on a itchy tree, uh huh. Hands were shaking so bad I couldn't get my card out of my wallet. Downed a Dublin Dr Pepper and a candy bar, and still took for ever to get it up high enough that I wasn't in fear of going into a coma. Shit, piss fuck. No more of that. So I'm in progress of getting back on a schedule. I like being on a schedule. I like routine, must be the Air Force raising. (Dexter..........you little piss ant...) Gotta run, Babs is here..we're going to town. See ya later gaters.


rox said...

You'd better start taking better care of yourself or I'm going to drag your ass to Canada and do it for you. Then you'll be sorry because you'll be freezing your ass off!

I like the owl-cat!

Intense Guy said...

Please, please, please get back to the routine!! Your readers and friends want you happy and healthy!!


I had to laugh out loud at the Canadian Comic Stereotypes, the cat changing your FB status, dithpicable dog thpit, and meatloaf pan cat..

:) Thanks for the firday laffs!!!

Anonymous said...

Getting off the sleep routine is the worst... keep up the good work!

Love me some gay Keanu comics

texlahoma said...

I hate that low blood sugar feeling. I noticed that if I sleep late on the weekends, that happens. I shake, sweat and feel like my head is in a box, like I can't look around. Be careful, 30? That's dangerous!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, routine is a diabetic's best friend! Glad you didn't black out!

Love the Canadian Stereotype Comics! And yes, they're funny coz they're true. Oh sorry . . . coz they're true, eh? That's the only stereotype the comic guy missed!

Charlene said...

Low blood sugar reactions can scare the hell out of you; does me.

I love love love the 2 cats with the one who ate the WHOLE meatloaf. Anyone don't think that can happen, don't have cats.


rox:you won't have to..babs will beat you to it..scared the crap out of her and she didn't like that at all.
I'll get back on my schedule and be a good girl..well, as good as i can be.
intenseguy:i always love canaderian cartoons..they're my favorite.
jp:that Kean cartoon cracked me up.
tex:lucky me I never have it so low in the morning..i always make sure and have that most desired snack before bed..ha..that's exactly the feeling like if you turn your head you'll fall over.
charlene:i love the fat pooh bear.

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

U know what mom said.....if you lie around in bedclothing all morning you get a beat up bush.
Dang CRS... sumpin like dat. ;0)
Up & at em from now on.
Da Early birdie catches the worm & has it's morning meal.
Das what my mom told moi!!!

FoxyMoron said...

I selfishly want you take care of yourself because you make me laugh.;)
Love the cat brain map.

rosemary said...

Don't make me come to Texas....I don't tan well....take better care of yourself although i hope the drink and candy tasted like heaven.


Jeez..ok ok..I'll be good..or at least try too..but it's hard when there is a pint of blue bell ice cream in the freezer..get this..it's caramel pop corn with caramel sauce with vanilla ice cream...sigh*

Nit Wit said...

I love the Mosque shits to Washington. There are a lot of good ones though.
You should keep those glucose tablets around they act a lot faster than pop and candy. Nothing is worse than waking up in a low sugar episode except not waking up.

Ted Amadeus said...

I really hope the GOPhers aren't stupid enough to let Newt Gingrich anywhere near a ticket in 2012, it's a bigger deal-breaker than "baked Alaskan"!
BTW YG, e-mail's fucked up again: You'll have to use johngalt857@myway.com from now on...
Frontier internet sucketh!