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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Can't have a post on West, Texas without a sports update. The Sykora Family Ford girls won the Texas Teen-Age Softball State Tournament for freshman girls. We fecking rock.
Tomorrow the West Trojans will open their 2010 football season against Lorena. The Trojans returning this year consists of 11 seniors, 11 juniors and 9 sophomores. Inky's son Devin is a starter. I'd go but not driving across Waco..I'll ride, but not driving..Panic attacks...eek.
The West High School Lady Trojans won 5 of the 6 matches they played in their division of the Big Red Classic to capture second place last Saturday.
(volleyball) They are 11-4 as they go into the Robinson tourney beginning on Thursday. The West Cernosek Insurance T-Ball team captured second place in the state girl's tourney.
Last Thursday they had a meeting at the Czech Inn to show maps and plans of the I-35 widening project. Which will start in the fall of 2011 and finish 2014. Will widen I-35 from 4 lanes to 6 with enough expansion to also go up to 8 lanes.
The West Hertitage Cookbook is going to be going on sale again. I want one of them It's approximately 500 pages long. This will be the 3rd printing since 1986. It has a bunch of authentic Czech recipes. There will be 6 kolache recipes, one for Kraple, (butter tarts)
one for Vanocka(Christmas braided bread ) and several sausage recipes. Now all I need to do is find out how much it cost. Think they are around $14-15..?? Anyone want one..let me know.
Bold Spring Baptist Church is having a fish and shrimp dinner for Friday and for Sept.3. Plus hamburger dinners for Aug.30th. hot dang...
Abbott church is having a spagheti dinner. Will include salad, bread, tea and desserts for $7, childs plate $5. West Kiwanis Club is having a blood drive on Sept. 2. They have them every year at Westfest time. Think Babs did it a couple of years. If you donate you get a free ticket to Westfest and a free t-shirt.
The West VFW has a special for Cowboys games..$1.50 for long necks, $1 for set-ups, and serving nachos, hot dogs and frito pie. Good news for the VFW, the bar buys around for every touchdown the cowboys make...3 touchdowns in what? 4 games...??
Leann Michelle Laubert is engaged to Nathan Eric Kaluza. They will be married In Oct. at Saint Mary's. Meredith Diane Groce is engaged to Britt Neal Craig and will be married at St. Martins in Tours.
Lucas White turns 2 on August 29th. Walter Soukup celebrated his 89th birthday on August 24th. Kaleb is 8, Parker is also going to be 2, and Kole will be 14 and his sister Kyndall will be 17.
Fronie Watson, 80 passed away along with Larry J. Kallus, 58. Another teenage death. Brandon Ashley 18 was killed in Waco in a motor cycle accident. Sad, sad, sad.
As you all know..West is celebrating the 35th anniversay of Westfest. Josh Abbott Band will headline the Westfest Preview Party on Sept. 3. Reigning Miss Westfest will crown the new Miss Westfest at the end of the night. The great thing about Friday is they have a special deal for the kid rides..All kids will be able to ride all mechanical midway rides for $20. This doesn't include the price of admission. There will be over 20 rides. You can buy advance 3-day tickets This includes one Friday night at 2 Saturday or Sunday for $24. This is a $4 saving. This will be the first time we've had a Westfest Bowl, which will feature the West Trojans and the Troy Trojans. The Westfest Bowl...hmm, I call it the Dick Bowl. Saturday the parade starts at the city hall at 10 a.m. The West High School Trojan varsity football team will be the Parade Marshals. Westfest will open at 11 a.m. and continue till 12:30 a.m.Regular price is $8 but they have a senior discount of $4 for us old farts of 65 and older. Also all military personnel with their IDs will be admitted for $4 on Saturday and Sunday. There will be over 65 arts and craft exhibitors.There will be Taroky Tournament, washer pitching, horse shoe pitching, and of course the Kolache 5000. Last year there were 328 runners. There will be a Polka Mass at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday. Will also have the Kolache Baking contest. A complete schedule of all the events can be found on line at westfest.com
50 years ago they had the grand opening of Wernet's West Drug. They're still there..along with my ole buddy Kirk at Old Corner Drug.
The Food Mart Grocery has Dr Pepper 12 packs on sale for 3/$9...Bab's is in hog heaven. Community Grocery has peaches on sale for .89 cents a pound..Might get me some of those.
Marak realty has a new listing. 3-bd./2 bath brick home with WBFP, new wood laminate floors, 2-car garage, workshop and fenced yard. And it has a pool with slide, diving board, pool house and relaxing hot tub. reduced to..............$149,000.dang!
Welp....that's all the news from West. I'm busy baking birthday presents. Just finished a cake and fixing to ice it for Judy M. I've know her for 30+ years. She works part time at West Food Mart. Then Friday I will make a cherry pie for Inky ..who will be...............holy shit...47 years old. He looks like he's 17...little punk. I think I'll put up a happy birthday for Inky on my blog Saturday and then everyone can drop by and wish him a happy birthday.
Ok...I'm out of here..our cold front came in and our high was about 90..been in the high 70's and low 80's all day..nice...


Jan said...

I really would like to have your home town drug store. All of ours have gone by the wayside with the chains moving in.

We have to carry little cards in with us if we want to get sale prices on anything. And of course when they ring us up they put all of our purchases into their database so they know what we bought.

Do I sound paranoid? I am.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I do love a parade. The rest of Westfest sounds like a good time too.

Anonymous said...

You lost me at "sports update."

Willym said...

A Polka Mass? Now that I'd like to see!

Nit Wit said...

Polka Mass? I don't know. All that dance and Umpaw music might scare God away.
Rose likes the sound of that house. I like the pool and hot tub. To bad my lawyer is so slow to get my case settled. I told her prices are going down because nobody's buying anywhere.

texlahoma said...

That cold front was great huh? We had 14 days of 100+. It's usually September before we get a good one like that. I wish West was closer, I'd be down there all the time, great little town you got there.

Intense Guy said...

I hope Inky gets his long awaited birthday present this year...

I'd be interested in one of them West cookbooks... :)


people are still walking into family dollar and asking him if he got his anniversary gift...I think the humor has gone out of it for Inky...haha..I'm thinking about finding out when he's going to be at work and have one of you call and tell them who you are where you live and want to know if he got his anniversary gift yet. and then let that be the end of it..maybe someone from Canada...that would really freak him out..hahahah