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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well Westfest is over, Rae is back home and Babs and I are back to normal..
Rae got here Friday and we got her settled and the first place she wanted to go was the Used Shit Store(aka West Thrift Shop...used to be Caritas) and we went to Family Dollar so she could meet Inky. I had found a tshirt at USS for Inky. It said I'm so terrific I scream my own name out during sex.
Then we went to Pizza House of West and we all had Skunk Eggs and Pizza, which Rae said was the best pizza she had ever eaten. The toppings are plenty and the crust is amazing. Then we took Babs home and we went on a tour of West. She really did enjoy getting to see all the places we had talked about. She got to see Community Grocery with the little meat market in the back(Patsy Patsy Patsy was gone, so she missed that.
She got to see all the beautiful old houses, some 80 years old. I took her to Wolf's for a a beer, but by then she was starting to fade. So we went back to the apt and she crashed and burned. Think she was down and out by 8:30..ha..wussy. We got up early Saturday morning and went to Tito's for breakfast, where we had great breakfast burritos and then we went to the parade. She got to meet some more of the Adamson's and I was really disappointed because the Bohemian Outhouse float wasn't in the parade. Or the Milk Cow..The parade was missing some floats and I did miss them. Only lasted about 45 minutes. But it's still my favorite part of Westfest. We went back to the apt and rested..(ok...Rae rested) and then we left at 2:30 to go to see my niece Jay Lynn and her 2 kids dance in the Czech Heritage Dancers. Rae really did enjoy it..then we watched the High School Czech Heritage dancers adn they are just so talented and I'm so proud of them. We stayed to watch the Hungarian Dancers and while I'm not Czech and don't have a dog in the fight..the Czech dancers kicked their asses..The costumes are not as pretty as the Czech costumes. The guys were all very tall and skinny and had these goofy hats on and they all had this big ass grin on their faces and there was a lot of kicking and leg slapping and foot slapping...it was weird..plus they all looked like Derwood Kirby. Google him.
I'm telling you so much has happened since then I'm not at all sure what all we did and saw. Ha. I'm old ..I forgets. But I know that we had a great time and Rae went over and spent some time with Babs which I know they both enjoyed. We went back to Westfest Sunday as we had made friends with a lovely lady Rael and her son Samuel who has the Kenyan African booth and I have bought stuff from her before. I also bought some honey and some spices that is terrific that makes great salsa and use it to make chicken and hot damn it's good. But the wind was blowing something fierce..50 miles an hour gusts..horrible..dirt, sand, grit, seed, feed, dust and parts of Sooner's front yard was blowing all over the place.
Westfest didn't have as many people as I'm used to ...we had 19,399 total over 3 days. Which is up from last year but not by much. But we did make money and it wasn't as hot as it had been and that helped. But I keep saying this every year...they need to start catering to the younger people..All the people that started going to it from the beginning are in their 60's now..and they need to get someone that will play there that will be a draw..but noooo..they still keep bringing back the same ole people. I know it's a Czech fest and they have to have Czech music and polkas..but not all the time and maybe a little variety..sigh*
Ok..this is the part I know you've been waiting for..the report on food consumed. 1,640 hamburgers, 1,056 corny dogs, 1,010 pounds of french fries, 2,500 kolaches, 480 sausage kolaches, 225 baked potatoes, 25 and 1/2 cases of potatoes for spudzillas, 6,850 sausage sandwiches, sausage sticks, sausage baskets, and sausage and kraut plates, 1,225 roasted ears of corn, 25 pounds of uncooked pork rinds, 600 skunk eggs, 219 fried green tomatoes, 385 ice cream servings, 1,250 funnel cakes, 550 steaks on a stick, 450 chicken on a stick, 300 pork on a stick(and one that was made into a sandwich) 250 rib-eye sandwiches, 288 bean burritos, 630 nachos, 40 pretzels, 250 barbecue sandwiches, 70 Gut boats(I haven't a clue) 201 chicken fajitas, 133 fajita nachos, 140 quesadillas, 3,500 hot dogs, 50, catfish baskets, 100 chicken baskets, 400 sticks of meatballs, 800 snowcones, 59 brownie delights,100 Frito pies, 55 tacos, and 150 chalupas. They still won't tell us how much beer they drank..If you want to see pictures of the parade, I have them posted on facebook. But if You insist..I'll post them here. let me know.Ok...footballs on and even though the Cowboys don't play till tonight, I want to see The Texans kick some colt ass...and they are...yehaw.


Grandma K said...

Sounds like such fun! One day I will make it there!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

UR new title should be...The Welcome Lady of West. :0)
You open your home to everyone Jackie and treat them like FAMILY.
I'd be honored to be a guest of yours some day.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, sounds like a great time was had by all. I'm envious of Rae, getting to experience WestFest with you -- lucky girl!

Wizardess said...

Skunk eggs? Have you splained these before? If not, please do so. :)

MarkD60 said...

We had breakfast burritos Saturday too! For dinner!

Intense Guy said...

*giggles* Neat shirt ya got Inky.


Sounds like ya did a proper amount of eating, parade watching, and dancing!

...and yes, I always want to hear the annual Westfest We Ate ALL This report!!

6,850 sausage sammiches versus 1,640 hamburgers tells ya something....

Rox said...

Sounds like you gals had a great time! Westfest sounds like lots of food, I mean fun! LOL!


we really really did have a great time..and can't wait for all of you to come down and make it for westfest too..skunk eggs for everyone.