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Sunday, October 14, 2012

again?Baltimore over Cowboys 31-29

The reason why the Cowboys lost and will continue to lose..Asshole on the left wants to be the coach so he keeps hiring coaches that want to coach the cowboys so much that they trade their balls for the coaching job..The guy on the right is a nice guy, but the cowboys don't need a nice guy for a coach..they need a asshole coach..Can you even imagine Tom Landry or Jimmy Johnson putting up with all those penalty's and not shipping  their ass off to Bumfuck Idaho?..I have never seen a game so fucked up..every chance they had to get on the board someone was off side, or holding, or illegal block, or just a pure waste of time..fuckme..I swear to the Goddess if I EVER get the chance to stand face to face with Jerry Jones I will tell him he's a dick..sigh*..I'm going to go kill something.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

YOU should coach the Cowboys, YDG. You'd kick some ass for sure.

Bill said...

Jerry's money, Jerry's toys ... and the rest of league wins.

billy pilgrim said...

how many excellent quarterbacks has jerry passed over in the draft due to his faith in romo?


I know one thing..they'd all be broke..cause I'd fine them so much money for each and every one of those fucking off sides and holding and not enough men on the field or too many men on the field..really? can't you over paid assholes count?
he didn't pass any over..it would make him look like he made a mistake..and he did..
the Dallas cowboys might be worth 2.something billion but the team that goes out on the field is worth about 63 bucks..