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Wednesday, September 08, 2010


We're up from last year but still low..over 21,000 for the total event. Friday was up 33%. Saturday had the post people with 11,164 and Sunday had 7,079(would have been 7,076) with out me my nephew Phillip and his wife Lora Lee. We really had a great time. I had a skunk egg and lots of water and because of the effects of the chemo, Phillip didn't eat anything and Lora Lee didn't want to do something he couldn't..The pictures of the folk dancers was very meaningful to me as my Niece Jay Lynn and her daughter Jenna and son Jared were in it. She's been doing it since 1992..and is really good..even with a leg brace on. She's the one in the red. She's dancing with her daughter and in the first picture where you can see her the boy next to her is her son. I was so proud of them..made me all weepy, wishing her mother could have seen it.
The lady in the orange skirt, that the most bowed legs I've ever seen, but she was perfect..Everyone wanted her picture. I love the one with Jay and the kids. I loved the dances..the men did a stick dance and that was pretty cool..Then Jay Lynn and her group did a dance where they each and a metal cup in each hand and they smacked them on the ground, and against the other persons mugs...Jay's partner smacked her's so hard it went spinning across the floor...

I hope these statements will end up where they are supposed to. I took a bunch of pictures of Phillip and Lora Lee, the tents, the people the food. I actually got the video cam to work and got some Westfest video and of the Czech Folk Dancers with Jay Lynn. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I'll make a separate post on the amount of food that was eaten...always a favorite..ha..Man..I'm glad it's over.


Intense Guy said...

Your pictures look great!! The once of the damcers are really good! Some of those dancers are really pretty... I bet watching 'em is a treat.

I hope the video thingy works out!


Jan said...

How great is that to have live entertainment right in your own town. I love to watch folk dancing.


there were all kinds of dancers, cloggers, Mexican dancers, all different kinds..and can't tell you how misty I got watching Jay, when I told her she laughed and said 'oh you'll be alright.'..ha

Heff said...

FUCK !!! I'm HUNGRY now !!!

(and dizzy from those out-of-focus shots, lol)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice pictures of Phillip and Lora Lee -- he's looking darn good. Like his gnarly cane too. And love those bright, colourful Czech dance costumes!

female, I shit you not! said...

Loved all your news.
THX for sharing Jackie.

People still know how to have a good time. :0)


it's hard to take pictures of people that are whirling by at top speed..ha
oh the food...wonderful wonderful food.
Czech's do know how to party.