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Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday....not just any Friday...it's this Friday.

I had

I had a kidney stone..it passed..smarted a little ..but could have been worse. Only hurt for about an hour or so..
spent the evening with the lovely Miss Olivia..I have the magic touch. She was fussing and they were trying to eat so I took her to her room and sat in the rocker and sang "you are my sunshine' umpteen times and a couple of Waltz Across Texas's and she was out like a light..When Jennifer was a baby that's the song I would sing to her. Nicole's song was Bluebonnets. Jamie's was Waltz Across Texas and Haley liked rock around the clock.. I would still be sitting in rocking chair holding and rocking and singing to her, but I had to pee. couldn't figure out how to get out of rocker without waking her up..Wow, she has changed so much in just that short length of time. And...the if this wasn't enough great news, Jamie is going to have a baby girl in Sept. When it rains it pours..I'll have great grand-baby's for each arm. Life is good. have  a great weekend.
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Rox said...

I sent my postcard on Monday...hope it gets there soon! I also have a couple of things gathered for the Canada day thing, what day are y'all doing that? I want to make sure it gets to you in time.

Jan said...

I do have good intentions, but also have ADD.

Natalie Adair said...

I have a song for each of my kids too! And my first grandson but not my second! I'm a bad Oma!

FoxyMoron said...

Another baby girl, how wonderful. They're coming out of the woodwork here too!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Where do you find these things? I love your Mon/Wed/Fri collections!


Debra, I find them all over the place, jObsanger is one, and on facebook I'm hooked up with a bunch of different places..I need to write them all down and give them credit when I steal them..I get them from i haz cheeseburger, lol cats and the putin ones come from a special website with nothing but pictures and captions on them of just putin.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Be a GREAT Grandma!:)

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Ouchie!!! :0(

Olivia is a beautiful baby and yes...I can see the change in her already.
It happens....overnight or...in the blink of an eye. ;0)

Shrinky said...

"You are my sunshine" is my Sweet Sam's special song - that and sunflowers! Aw, congrats on the good news of that baby grandaughter on the way. Sorry I've not been round recently, had some stuff going on, but all's sorted and I'm back and bitchin' again.

Another wonderful assortment of good old plain and hilarious truths up there - thanks for the chuckles.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Not to echo the sentiments of the Sexual Revolution, but instead of banning GAY marriage, maybe just banning MARRIAGE would do, since it's nothing but a glorification of slavery, propounded largely by religion (go figure!).