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Monday, October 06, 2014

Residents from West, Texas...ADOPT AN OLDIE.

just a reminder that I'm starting to collect money and gifts for the residents...want to be better organized this year..as it will probably be the last as the residents will be back home next year..and they aren't fond of me..ha..We lost over 30 residents in the year after the explosion..heartbreaking but true..so I'm thinking we'll have about 100 or less..I will have a full count as soon as I can..I will try and open a bank account for them so it will be easier to send money..these are some pictures to put a face on your money...I'm probably going to get some ideas for gifts for them so I can make sure it is what they want or need..so let me know..I'm hat in hand for my oldies..


Grandma K said...

Just gotta get off my lazy a** and send the money. Hopefully by the end of the week! I love that you are doing this.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Always happy to be one of Yellowdog Santa's elves! A worthy cause, as always.

Jerri said...

Oh,Jackiesue, you have a heart larger than Texas! When I see those faces I can't help but think how totally unjust that whole situation is and I can hardly bear it. You KNOW what they went through has taken a toll. Thank you so much for caring and enabling the rest of us to actually make a difference too. Let us know "how " ( remember, you said "easy"... So like REALLY easy for those of us
who engage in a love/hate relationship with technology.
You're the best!