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Thursday, July 16, 2015

GG's Roycroft's and Sutton's oh my

 the gg's at water slide whatever place..ha
 Jennifer and the GG's

 waterworks and 'pizza'...
 me and Hayden and Tyler. Ty;er is 16 and 6' 4"..we grow em big in Texas
 me looking at postcards that are 75 years old..wow..Dexter getting worshiped.
 Ginger and her baby's..
 me and Ginger at Pizza House
 Waco Mammoth National Monument..
 man that was so interesting..and the guide made it more so..he was terrific.
 20 foot tall Columbian Mammoth.
 Ginger and I groping the Ranger.
 Texas Rangers Hall of Fame.. so much better and more than I thought it would be.

 the Roycroft's at Parker's Park.

last day..Gerik's Bakery...


Anonymous said...

You really know how and where to grope a ranger.

yellowdoggranny said...

every place she went to that had a statue of a man she had per picture taken with her hand on the crotch..It looked sort of wimpy to me..so I showed her how big girls grab crotches.

Intense Guy said...

That water place looks so sparkly and inviting! The beautiful little girls look like they enjoyed getting out of the heat!