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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Oh Donnie boy, the quacks the quacks are calling..


Anonymous said...

Surely to god people are going to wake up and see the Emperor's New Clothes right? Right?!
Nothing scares me more than the possibility that this fucking Oompa Loompa has even a CHANCE of becoming president. It speaks volumes about the type of people that would vote for him and it would truly make America the scariest place in the world. Yikes.
Your room at my house remains ready just in case.


I'm more afraid of the people that are supporters than I am him...he's a idiot out to make money anyway he can..they actually believe in him and his racist ugly views..
yeah, I'm ready to move to Canada if this happens..make up my bed.ha.

billy pilgrim said...

who am i to argue with the big lebowski.