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Monday, December 26, 2016

GG's adventure with the little G's

so now that enough time has passed I will tell you what happened with me and the gg's yesterday evening when we all went to denny's for breakfast dinner..when we finished the gg's said they had to go teetee..I said I'll take them..two little 4 year olds..how much trouble could it be. ??? so we go to the restrooms, first going into the kitchen cause we went the wrong way. ( there are 2 stalls, one regular one handicapped)....Abby goes into the regular sized one and Olivia goes into the handicapped stall...they immediately lock the doors and get on the pot..I'm trying to get them to unlock the doors but they are on the toilet and Abby is pooping and needs me to help her wipe(front to back she tells me) and can't get down to unlock the door..so I crawl under the door, tits up and let me tell you that was a close squeeze. I stand up and start to wipe her but she's not through and then I look down and Olivia has crawled under the wall separating the two stalls, for me to wipe her cause she's done. I'm telling her to get back in the other stall so I can come in there and wipe her pants are still down around her ankles little butt in the air)...so she crawls back under and I start to wipe Abby, when Olivia crawls back under with toilet paper for me to wipe her.. in the mean time a very large (very ) comes in and needs to use the handicapped stall and she really has to go..but the door is still locked..so I'm trying to get Abby wiped (front to back gg) and Olivia wiped and get Olivia to pull her pants up and crawl back under so she can unlock the door for the lady..Olivia does but (still doesn't pull her pants up) is reluctant to leave..think she wanted to watch the fat lady pee. I'm wiping Abby(front to back) and Olivia crawls back under pants still down around her ankles .so I do..so we're all 3 in the little stall and I turn to unlock the door and Olivia decides it would be faster if she crawls back into the other stall where the lady is trying to pee in peace..and she left the door unlocked so I open it tell Olivia to come out so the lady can pee and eventually all 3 of us are out of the stalls..they both say 'we have to wash our hands.' in my head I'm thinking screw that ..and grabbed both their hands apologized to the lady and beat a fast retreat. I always tell the girls when we are anywhere to hold gg's hand or she will run away..Abby always has a death grip so I won't run away..So I tell them both to hold on to my hands or I'll run away..Abby does, Olivia lets go and says oh she's not going anywhere..and takes off..next time GG says I'll take both the little g's to the bathroom Jamie Denise Brown and Jennifer Leah Brown, remind me of this.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

OMG what a time you had! "Front to back" -- I see someone taught them that, lol!

Ol'Buzzard said...

I think I would leave the bathroom business to the mamas.
the Ol'Buzzard


last trip for me..I'd gone with them individually, but that was a first and a last.

Intense Guy said...

Laffs. What a moment!

P.s. I'm with old buzzard on this!