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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Leola(wowo) Roycroft Beeler Liles

this is me and my beloved Wowo..and her two oldest sons..we're youngest to oldest in this picture..she's 93..she's been my lifesaver more times than I can count..she's in hospital recovering from a bile duct removal...I love this woman more than I can say..I'm unable right now to go there and be with her..so the next best thing I can think of is..swamp her with get well cards..so I would appreciate it if everyone would send her a get well card..email me yellowdoggranny@yahoo.com
and I'll give you an address to send the cards to..she's breathing on her own but still has breathing tube to make sure she gets enough oxygen..her blood pressure is going back up to normal..he heart is as strong as an ox..but she's 93 and just had major surgery..when she is woken up she will nod her head yes or no..she will shrug her shoulders if she doesn't know..and if you ask her a stupid question..? she'll roll her eyes at you..she's tougher than any of us ..so ? do this for me..love you to the moon and back..ydg.

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