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Monday, February 19, 2018

circles...we're just running around in fecking circles

 neither do fucking idiots


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's a clever idea about making gun insurance mandatory because insurance companies will demand stringent prerequisites.

"Please urinate with precision and elegance" -- HAHAHAHAHA!


I'm 74.. peeing with precision and elegance..? ain't gonna happen.


wibble has left a new comment on your post "circles...we're just running around in fecking cir...":

Fuck Bill Gates. He's a backstabbing prick, a thief, and an all-around self-centered asshole. The only reason he has all that money to give away is all the people he fucked over. I could have been that rich too, but my parents raised me to have a conscience and ethics.

tell us how you really feel Wibble..hah

Jono said...

"Peeing with precision and elegance". I'm a guy and I try, I really do, but as I age and get ever so slightly unsteady it is a challenge. Maybe I should start sitting more.


trust me..sitting doesn't make a difference..I know that for a fact