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Friday, May 29, 2020

new hearing aids..no more..huh? what? WHAT?

                        My son sent this ^^to me in a text..I love that boy.

 I had my vacuum sitting in living room for a week..when I used it to hang my bra on I said fuck it and moved it back to the bedroom.

speaking of vibrators..I got a text the other night ..it said "I saw what you did..I saw you masterbate and if you don't place $15,000 in 'xyz bank account' I will put it on the internet and all your friends will know what you did too. 
After laughing hysterically I blocked and deleted the text..but I so wanted to send a reply text saying 'can I order a half dozen 5x7 glossies?


Valerie said...

Have a great weekend Jackie Sue! And please keep us updated on your wacky neighbor.

Vivian Swift said...

That's my girl, making lemonade out of extortion threats.

Leanna said...

Yeah, I would have asked for the 5x7s too. I guess we're both broken. That meatball dom had me really laughing. Bunch of sick puppies on twitter there are.


Valerie, well she has gone all over the neighborhood and whining that Jackie was mean to her. When they asked what happened and she told them, the consensus is .dumb ass, what did you expect her to do..you're lucky she didn't punch you..
I find it humorous..
Vivian ..I laughed sooo hard..it sorta made my day, but I worry that some people might have paid up.
Leanne, people are so weird..and I loved the sub one too...we're sick puppies..

wibble said...

Yes, people have paid up. That's why they're still doing it. It's a matter of percentages - the more people they contact, the better chance of finding a sucker. It's been like this for ever - the Internet just makes it hellishly more efficient.

Bruce said...

I got one of those as well, when they said " you watch porn and I saw you masturbate!" my first thought was "who doesn't?"
Never heard from 'em again.
I'm a big fan. (of the blog.....well and the other too)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

So many excellent political ones but you know, the one I stole was the dom meatball. And I loved your story about the extortion attempt!

Mr. Shife said...

Thanks again for all of the goodies, jackiesue. It does feel like humans are getting dumber.


wibble...people makes it very interesting and very very funny.
Bruce...welcome to ydg..you and your little masterbating self are welcome..wait..you mean it just wasn't me? dang.
debra..the sub one was aces..ha..yeah, I hated to disapoint them..ha
thanks my shife...dumber by the minute..like the asshole cops that arrested the cnn crew while being filmed..ha.

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wibble said...

^^^^...Vert De Ferk?!^^^^