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Monday, October 02, 2023

Maybe I should start from the beginning..Nov 12, 1943...ok, maybe not that far back.

When I was young and had perky tits I worked as a cocktail waitress or a bartender where I wore spike heels and skimpy outfits. Not good for the back. Then due to job opportunities I went to work at home improvement stores. Mostly in paint. Because I was a woman working in a predominately men's area I always felt I had to do more than the guys(plus it's just my personality to be the best no matter what)I carried more, lifted more and just did more.. One time when I was stocking paint carrying 4 gallons at a time, the kid that worked with me begged me to slow down and carry less as he just couldn't keep up.(I was 40 he was 22)

Now I'm fucking near 80 and my spine is saying 'see, asshole I told you to take it easy.' 

So my cat scan came back with a shit ton of bad news. Each conversation starting out with 'who do you want for a neurosurgeon...Slow your roll assholes.

so? I have severe arthritis of the spine. Then I have a lose screw in my tissue. I swear to Goddess I'm not making that up. Its from an operation on my spine from 1997. Then I have deteriorations in both hips. So I'm opting for steroid shots or what ever they want to shoot in my ass. But each problem requires a different sort of treatment and different area of shots. So I start in Nov with all sorts of treatments to see which and where and what kind of treatment I will need. The good news is I've lost 9 pounds. 

So this is why sometimes I have trouble sitting at my laptop and putting out a post. I may start making them shorter. 50 a post is sort of excessive. So might start making them 25 memes? Can you dudes live with that? I just don't want to reach the point where I just can't do it. I loves ya sonsabitches and like showing up here for you. This Nov will be 18 years.. Holyshit. Lasted longer than all 3 of my marriages.. ok...back to your regular broadcasting program.. oh and 



Debra She Who Seeks said...

I sure hope those shots help, Jackiesue! Good that you've lost some weight too, that eases some strain on your back, I would think.

Yes, definitely make your posts shorter if that helps! I would read your posts even if they were just one meme, lol!

"Sanity? Sanity" And we have a runner" made me laugh out loud!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

P.S. Remember when you sent me that article about the Goddess Asherah, wife of Yahweh? She is my featured goddess for September's full moon altar --


Mark said...

I'm grateful to read whatever you are willing or capable of posting -- 50, 25, 5. They give me a chuckle and let me know you're still around.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your difficulties. But grateful that you've continued to entertain us despite that. Positive thoughts for you.

Rad said...

All the best going forward! As Mike Pence says, "What didn't kill me made me stronger... sorta..."


Skepticat said...

You cause me pain by making me laugh so hard, but I can scale back to giggles if it will make your back feel better.

SickoRicko said...

You poor lady! Do whatever it takes to feel better. Shorter posts would be fine with me.

Somewhere said...
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Somewhere said...

(#!?*[}{×π√,! typo)
18 years!
Take it easy now, great women always do too much of the heavy lifting, I have that on good authority! ❤️💪💃

Jerri said...

Bobo “waiting for the second coming” 😂(Obviously the first happened before Intermission 🤭😂🤣😂)
Joe Rogan and his pathetic insecure ilk…a big Nope.
Marauding Trumpanzees…in MAGA hats! Yep.
I am the second one today.
Those high heels really did a number on women’s bodies through the years. My damage was large babies and like you, moving things I shouldn’t. I’m fighting cervical(neck) issues. As an X-ray tech I saw both sides of the struggle. We’re like jigsaw puzzles and once they start messing with “parts” the structure is compromised. Sounds like you have a good team and a plan in place. We’re with you on this. Steroid injections helped my lumbar issues.
You post whatever you can and we’ll show up. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing you and this crew from my life.
BTW I would get a note regarding that “loose screw” confirmation. No one will mess with you then. (You don’t have to mention it’s in your back.)Crazy runs deep. 😜🤭❤️

Anonymous said...

Personally I love the 45+ meme's.
On the other hand to be able to still get 15 - 25 of your skewed humor is good too.

I'll just go with "You do you." and whatever I get I'll be happy with.
(after all, I'm doing just fine with 10 or less from Hackwhackers...)


Leanna said...

Sweetie, Take a deep breath and then let that last Fuckit fly. I would go after that screw first then work on the hips. If those go you can't stand up anymore. Things will work out. They always do. But in case they don't I'm sending you good vibes hugs. Hope you feel a little better. ~sigh~ Getting old sucks the big one.

bruce.desertrat said...

Oh, Jackiesue, sorry to hear about the travails of your back. By all means cut back if it helps. I"m with Leanna , taking care of that screw should be first...i's not good to have a screw loose! :-)

I've got one of these hippie kneeling chairs https://varierchairs.com/kneeling-chairs/variable-balans/ because it kills my back to sit in a regular desk chair all day and it does help...

River said...

I think taking out that loose screw would be first on your "menu" and I'd be very wary of any spinal tampering unless it's a last resort thing.
I always carried more than I should but never ever wore high heels, so I guess that helped.
I don't mind at all if you take thngs easier and post fewer funnies. You look after you first, we are all secondary.

Valerie said...

You do what you need to feel better! Love seeing your memes, but even if you just post one, it makes me happy that you are still there. Take care!

Lisa said...

I am sorry to hear of your health troubles and I wish you all the best. I love waking up to your posts -- I start my day laughing. Fewer posts wouldn't change that. Do what you need to do for your own health and sanity.

Mike said...

"I wore spike heels and skimpy outfits."
We want PICTURES! 😆

Anonymous said...

Trumpty Dumpty tried to building a wall.
Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall.
The swag-bellied MAGAts those unmanly men
Couldn’t put Trumpty together again.

Richard said...

I would be happy ok fine with what you decide to do. But you are much appreciated. Today, when I heard he news from D.C., my mind started playing "I'm Not Lisa" by Jessi Colter. A country song. Please stay with us for a while longer.

Ole phst Stu said...

You are under no obligation to continue blogging. Take a break as and when you need to.

yellowdoggranny said...

if I had lost the weight in my boobs it would work better..I'm still looking for sanity..hah I really thought I was telling you something new..haha..should have known you would be one up on me in the Goddess area.
Mark..I laughed cause my first post after this was like 49..duh!
anonymous I'm pretty sure I'll beat what ever it is..I didn't get to be almost 80 with out a fight.
Rad, I'm waiting for step 2 after trying to kill me part.
somewhere..isn't that the truth..always did the heay lifting. might use that for title of my book.
Jerri, you know when i first found out that the screw was coming lose(it's now on the lose) I was more concerned..now? not so much ..but I am going to
ask cujo about it..I'm still limited to activity without my walker, but still trying to cook something on Friday's at senior center..soup weather now..
Random, I get started and I'm oh they need to see this...well, I need to put that one in too..so who knows what I'll do.haha
Leanna I like the idea of actually having a screw loose.haha..yeah, my ass if where the action is..getting old bites sucks and blows.
Bruce my laptop is on small stand right by my recliner so I sort of hunch over it..need to fix this.my walker is my new best friend.
river..they didn't seem to think the loose screw was a big deal but will ask cujo..
Valerie...I will take care and if not for me? for all of you..
well hell, Lisa..making you laugh is half my battle.
Mike...I can do that
wow anonymous..that's way cool..did you write that?
Richard..I loooooove that song..and unless I get hit by a bus driven by a drunk Czech, I'll be here.
ole stu..you ole sweetie you.