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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have a dream...I dream of one day turning on the TV and seeing advertisement for a new sitcom called "The Buttroys"... Bucky Roy Buttery, Raynell Estelle Buttroy and their three kids: Bernard Roy Buttroy, Beatrice Royella Buttroy and Bucky Roy Buttroy, Jr. Bucky and Raynell own their own business. The Buttroy Cleaners - Washateria Bar and Grill. Located in the heart of Texas in a town called Butt, Which was founded by the ancestors of Bucky Roy. I'm still working on the script, but I figure if each and every one of you use the term Buttroy at least once or twice on your own blog then the word Buttroy will become a Internet phenom and there is no telling how far we can take it..Babs and I googled Buttroy and right after the word buttery and a guy named Butt, I'm right there..So it's a start..Just think this time next year we could all be on Letterman, reciting the top 10 reasons how you can tell is someone is a Buttroy. I see an Emmy in it and a Lifetime story of our lives ...a 3-parts. Maybe a movie. You'll have to tell me who you think should play you in the movie. I'm torn between Bette Midler and Kathy Bates to play me. Any suggestions?
I put on shoes today for the first time since my last day at work. My toe still hurts..Went by the post office and got my 1040EZ form, picked up a West paper for me and Babs, and went by the store to hand in my work shirts..Inky said he missed me...said the first time he came to work and there was no one to say "where'd ya go after you combed your hair?" and he missed it. The new boss said she had heard all about me ..I am smart enough not to pursue the subjects of those talks. Ran into some customers who were sad that I wasn't going to be there any more. Wondered who was going to help them find stuff, and I said make Inky do it. Everyone including Inky laughed . No word on Tom. Inky said he called him but he wouldn't return his calls. I'll find him. Asshole #3 didn't call me fucking Colombo for nothing.
Welp, I'm back to my book..finished the Jeffery Deaver book and now finishing the Nevada Barr book, which is excellent. Going to library tomorrow and see if we can't get started on thinning out the paper back section and the kids section. Fixing the kids section is an all month job..Kids come in pull out four or five books and then shove them back any place they want. Seven year old kids have no clue about the Dewey decimal system.
Also ...when I do my post and do spell check I can't finish my post..it won't type. I can't explain it, but I have to publish the post then edit it and start all over..feck...any ideas..?
OK..I'm gone...I'm still grinning from Tuesday and the fact that Lost came on tonight...life is good..


rainywalker said...

Buttroy? I think someone has beat you to it. The Squidbillies. I've had them on my right scroll for several months now. But good idea.


Nit Wit said...

Buttroy! I still like it.

Kulkuri said...

Sounds like your typical sitcom, what's the hook????

Intense Guy said...

Kathy Bates? No waaaaaaaaaaay!

Since the "endless election of 2008" is over, I hear Tiny Fey is available! She'd be a good you!

I promise to use the word buttroy in an upcoming post!

billy pilgrim said...

maybe a few days in a wheelchair would help your toe.

cheney looked excellent in his wheelchair, stanley kubrick would have been proud.

sageweb said...

I think Bette Midler is perfect for you! She is hilarious and beautiful.

I love the idea of buttroy being an internet craze..I will try to work it in to my next post.

Nit Wit said...

Check out the picture I added to my inauguration post.

yellowdog granny said...

rainy:yupper, but no buttroys.
nitty;it just has a nice ring to it.
kulkuri;im trying to come up with one.
intenseguy:yeah, but she's too young and looks nothing like me..I'm also leaning toward conchetta ferrel too from 2men and a boy.
billy:nah, im to touch for a wheelchair.cheney on the other hand..is a wus.
sage:it should be easy to work in..you know many buttroys im sure.
nitty:oh man..that is just the greatest picture ever...you guys need to go to his blog and check out the last picture on his post...perfect.

Nan said...

I can totally see Bette Midler playing you. I want Jane Curtin to play me. I used to think Glenn Close, but have decided she's a little too scary.

Back when I worked at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore we liked to talk about casting for a soap opera, "As the Islands Turn." We knew the park was in deep shit when it struck us Rick Moranis was the best candidate to play the new superintendent. Don't think he even made it up to a buttroy level of competence.

Pom said...

And people were worried you'd have nothing to say after W was gone! ;o)

LostInColor said...

Yippee! You got your shoes on. :) I have no clue why you cannot finish your post after doing a spell check. What are you using for spell check?

Big Pissy said...

Oh, absolutely! Bette Midler is SO you!

I'm thinking Salma Hayek for me.


Seriously, you've got some great ideas!

Buttroys rule! ;-)

Sling said...

I'll definitely work Buttroy into a post,and use it for a label as well! :)

yellowdog granny said...

nan:i think jane curtain would be terrific as you..we can get denzel to play obama.ohhh, rick moranis as a super? uh oh..
pom:im so full of crap i'll never run out of it..
big pissy;im thinking penelope cruz for you..and maybe conchetta farrell for me..ha..
sling:yea, that would be cool..need to work it into all my labels from now on...

Josh said...

The ancient city of ButTroy was toppled when young, virile Greek soldiers completely dominated the ButTrojans.

That Rude Girl said...

Lost has me more confused than ever, but I still love it. I don't want Locke to die. I hope he comes back to life if he gets back to the island.

That Rude Girl said...

P.S. I imagine you're like Kathy Bates. I love Kathy Bates, especially in Fried Green Tomatoes and Misery.

Robin said...

LOL at Josh, I love that ButTrojans...I so had something funny to say but that just killed me! We must work that in.

By the way, Meg Ryan will play me (I've been told I look look her but sound like Debra Winger...good, I look like a bimbo but sound intelligent...works...) So I will ride on episode 3 or 4...and totally fall hard for one of the Buttroy's, I'm thinking the one with the longest prison term and the lamest excuse...I will be his champion and make it my mission to transform him! I can draw on past idiocy, no method acting here!

Mayhaps the fabuous Miss M is you...but I must admit, Kathy Bates has that undercurrent of pure mischief and that gleam in her eye that makes me think, so you! Bette has it, but Bette's is more innocent than you?!

How fun! Buttroy has so been added to my repetoire...wish I'd have read this before I posted...I SOOOOOO had a BUTTROY!

Check it out, we can work it in!

jan said...

I think it is exciting to be in on the formation of a new word/concept. You are definitely Bette Midler. Her agent will be calling.