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Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'll start out first with the Dr's report..Which is the good news. Sorta..He looked at my feet and said yes I have an infected corn and gave me another script for antibiotics. Clipped the nails to see what kind of fungus I have. I asked him how I got a fungus and he said it usually came from a trauma to one of the toes and I can remember when I lived over at the little house ramming my toe against the bed and it getting all funky looking. He said then it just spreads. So that's not caused by the diabetics. He was concerned about the lack of feeling in my right foot and leg, but told him that wasn't from the diabetes that was from 4 back surgeries and a pinched nerve for 7 years.
But he said that was still not a good thing, as I could hurt myself on my foot and not know it and that's how my corn got infected. I didn't feel it..He shaved it off and said once he found out what the fungus was he'd know how to treat it and then when it was all healed he would have me to to Mexia(pronounced maheya...where Anna Nicole came from) to his Dr.'s office and he would deaden it and go in and cut the callus off my toe. Yikes. He's about 80 years old and really funny. I told him how I was making jokes about 'the foot Dr. coming in on the stage coach once a month and staying with Miss Kitty over at the Long Branch.' He laughed and said first of all I come to town twice a month.........and he looked off in the distance and said softly..."I wouldn't have minded spending the night with Miss Kitty." and then grinned real big at me. He has great hands, and held my feet so gently...said I had great circulation and pulse and that was a good thing, but was concerned about the lack of feeling. Did a bunch of tests with needles and pins and little wheels and I felt them on my left foot, but didn't feel anything on my right one at all. But then I haven't since the second or third operation on my back. So things are looking up for my feetses...but he didn't recommend me working again unless I got some diabetic shoes. So will check that out. Now If I could just get rid of the fecking cough.
Ok...now for the shocking news of the new year. Remember when I said that Tom wasn't working for Family Dollar any more and no one knew if he quit or got fired? Well, he got fired. Inky and I figured, he got pissed and told them to go fuck themselves as they had screwed him out of his bonus for 3 years. Well....he got fired for theft over $5,000. He took a deposit bag from our store plus he took some from the new store he was working at. I know that he knew he was going to get caught, as there is just no way you can do that and not get caught. When the stock market crashed he told me he lost between $300,000 and $500,000. I asked if that wiped him out and he said no but damn near. I know he had 2 houses. Or at least that's what he said. When he described his one house is was 4 bed-room 4 baths, etc. I know he had 3 dogs he was crazy about. Was devastated when the older one passed away. Felt so bad for him. Inky and I are just stunned and shocked. I mean I would never have believed this in a 1,000 years. I am a pretty good judge of character and so is Inky and I can't believe we were so wrong about some one like we were wrong about him. All I can think of is things got out of hand and maybe he thought he could put it back before anyone noticed. I just don't know..But I'm totally at a loss. We have both left messages on his cell phone telling him we were his friends and we only wished him the best and any thing we could do we would. He hasn't answered any calls. But not sure he is out of jail The last they saw him was Tuesday I think on channel 25 in Waco, in a orange jump suit and hand cuffs. I didn't get to see it or hear about it except 3rd hand. We really never heard much more and we're not even that sure of what the charges were. So I am rocked to the core. Just want to burst out crying.

Well, enough of that ..have to think about something else or I'll start bawling. Babs and I aren't sure if we're going to stay home and watch the Super Bowl or go to Wolf's. They always have great food, and if Babs gets bothered by the amount of people we can always come home. I think we'll end up with her coming over here and bringing cheese dip and Frito's and I'll make chicken quesedillas, spinach dip with crackers, celery etc. I have a recipe for the little red potatoes that I'll be able to eat. You take the smallest red potatoes and cut them in half, core the center out till it's just a little of the potato and the skin and put seasoning on them with butter and bake in the oven till they are all crispy ...Not that many carbs.
Have been cleaning house this weekend. Since my feets is feeling better ..I dusted and cleaned up the bedroom, bathroom and hall way Friday. Today I took up the rug, moved all the furniture around and dusted and vacuumed really good. Going to take the rug to the car wash and clean it but want to wait till it's a little warmer first. But wanted it up off the floor as it was getting pretty dirty. Haven't cleaned it in over a year. Annie is a pain in the ass...Babs and I had Bold Springs Baptist Church cheeseburgers last week and Annie nearly ate all of it herself..So I thought I'll cook her up a hamburger patty and see if she'll eat it...Of course...So now I'm having to cook gr. beef for the spoilt little bitch..She even ate a can of Alpo dog food. I swear ..she's driving me to drink.
Ok...I'm out of here.this is going no where. I'm going to start posting more. I used to post 2-3 times a day, then once a day and now It's once a week...Getting lazy. the point spread is Arizona plus 7....I'm thinking about taking them and the points..but in the back of my mind I keep thinking Pittsburgh is going to blow them out of the ball park..hmmm. I really don't want Pittsburgh to win as that will put them ahead in the Super Bowl wins...Can't have that. If they lose it means they, the Cowboys and the 49ers will be tied with the most wins. Like them fucking Cowboys are ever going to win another Super Bowl Sigh*......Hope you have a great Super Bowl.


Intense Guy said...

I'm glad to hear your feet are on the way to getting better. That is a relief.

The economy is so bad its driving people to do things they never would do - like the guy that shot his family in LA.

I'm just going to watch the cheerleaders today - I don't think I can muster up much enthusiasm for the game. I might even check to see what else is on.

Josh said...

Sorry that your feet have been giving you so many problems, hopefully they'll be able to fix you up in no time flat.

That does suck to hear that the guy had to resort to theft... these are desperate times indeed, especially for people who had any money in the stock market.

Mama Kelly said...

I am glad to read that you are on the road to getting at least your fee tin better shape - now if the cough would just quit.

Im sorry to read about your former coworker - he had to have been so desperate! I think we'll all be hearing more stories like that before the year is out.


Mama Kelly

Mama Kelly said...

I am glad to read that you are on the road to getting at least your fee tin better shape - now if the cough would just quit.

Im sorry to read about your former coworker - he had to have been so desperate! I think we'll all be hearing more stories like that before the year is out.


Mama Kelly

DaisyDeadhead said...

Hope you feel better! I got my cast off my foot for inauguration day, best I felt in months, literally. (Two great things at once!)

Good luck, YG!

billy pilgrim said...

like the shadow always said:

who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men? heh,heh,heh,heh..the shadow knows...

does texas still execute men for petty theft?

Nan said...

Glad you got some answers about your feet.

That's a shame about Tom.

Roxrocks said...

Your poor tootsies! Take care of them Jackie!

So sorry to hear about Tom...I think it's nice that you called and left him a message though. Clearly, he was feeling very desperate to do what he did. Hopefully he will get a chance to explain that to you some day.

(I read your answers to your last post and think 60 Minutes SHOULD call you! You'd be great ranting and raving!)

yellowdog granny said...

intenseguy:yeah, I was starting to freak out on the feets..glad I have such a great dr.
im still bummed about tom.
josh:and he's such a proud guy and upstanding and to think he had to resort to this is heart breaking.
mamakelly:good to hear from you again..will drop by and say howdy.
daisy:hey gal!..good to see you again..I stopped by to say howdy and will blog roll u again. glad you got your cast off.
billy:nah, we've eased off on the killings here..well to an extent anyhow. I'm hoping that he will get probation and have to pay it back.
nan:it's really sad.
rox:im going to continue leaving him messages..let him know we haven't forgotten about him. his lawyer may have said not to talk to us as we are x employees and inky still is.
i'd love for someone to stick a microphone in my face and ask me what i think ..hahaha

texlahoma said...

I'm glad your feets are getin better and I'm also glad you are going to go back to posting more. Have a great SBS!

joy said...

This is probably a dumb question...but how do you clean a rug at the car wash?

Doralong said...

Glad the feet are better! You keep a close eye on that- promise!

Sorry to hear about Tom, desperate times do seem to cause folks to sometimes do some seriously crazy shit...

Sling said...

Happy to hear the good news about the tootsies doll..
You know,Tom will more than likely get probation,and have to make restitution.
I don't see him doin' any time,(they'll credit him with time served),for a first offense..for whatever that's worth.

That Rude Girl said...

I'm glad to hear you found out what is wrong with your toe. Sorry to hear about Tom. I think that is so wonderful that you and Inky called and told him you were still his friends no matter what happened. I'm afraid there are going to be a lot of desperate people out there, doing desperate things because of the economy.

Ted said...

Good to see you're on the mend.

Ted said...

Sucks to hear about Tom flipping out like that...Seems rather uncharacteristic. Maybe they'll cut him some slack for first time offender, do a rehab program or something. Who knows.
Desperation setting in, I suppose.
They were all talking health at work Friday as someone sent out an email about blood pressure. I think the best way to lower your blood pressure is not to read the paper or watch the news!
BHO's ticked a few points north over all them BanKhazar CEOnistas getting phat jack bonuses after the bail-out...Good on him!

buddha_girl said...

1. I love a man who can admit that a roll in the hay with a chick would be a good thing! Tell Dr. Feet there's a woman in VA who might consider letting him call her Miss Kitty.

2. Check into getting some Birks - Husband Guy uses them at work. They're non-slip, very supportive, and have replaceable footbeds so you don't have to drop $80 or more each time you want some more support.

3. I loved the game. I watched the end of it silently - alternating between jumping up and down and punching the couch. Both boys were sleeping. Bastardly stuff.

4. Tom? I have few words on this. The economy is bad, but I've been in worse shape than the everyday folk TODAY and never once considered stealing fucking money. One of the managers who used to work with HG stole BIG MONEY and attempted to fix the books through computer access but was TOO FUCKING STUPID to realize that cooking the books AFTER midnight would show up on the next day's report. I hated that guy. So. He stole and tried to grab my ass. He's a slug. Tom? I hope he gets his shit together. Can you tell I consider stealing cash less of an offense than someone tagging my ass?

Willym said...

Well glad to hear that the Doc was able to give you some help with those feet problems. We don't realize what a sensitive area of the old corpus they are until they start acting up.

Scary thing we are seeing here in Italy with the economy is that the banks aren't giving loans to small businesses - so where do they turn? The Camora or the Mafia - they are more than happy to give loans with their usual interest rates and conditions. Business may not be closing but many are becoming operations for the gangs and god help the man or woman who doesn't come up with their payment.

sageweb said...

Yippee for you making the point spread..and the healing of your feet. once your feet get back to normal you will be the happiest person ever.

le tard said...

Glad your foot problem is on the mend. I have no idea who even played in the super bowl...that's how unimportant it is to me. Was Cleveland in it? I have no clue. Say hi to Baby for me. Ooops, by "Baby" I meant Babs...freudian slip I guess.

tsduff said...

I just want you to be well, heart and spirit. Have been recently sick personally in those regards, but you know I send my absolute best regards.

Lilly's Life said...

Gosh that was a weeks worth all in one post. Glad your feet are ok and you better stop flirting with that doctor unless he has piles of cash lying about ok? Good he can laugh though that is saying something. Make the pain worthwhile. The fungus thing will be cured in no time.

Thanks for the recipe going to try that one.

As for your friend well when you are close to someone you just never expect the bad stuff. I am doing a post tomorrow about my ex and the things I learnt about him. I would have put my life on it that it was all wrong but it was the truth. Be supportive but nonetheless wary.

fancy we had an Aussie playing in the football there - they lost but what the hec...

just me said...

It's been so long since I saw a doctor that was older than me, I can't even remember...glad you're feet are better, but hope you can get those shoes. I have diabetes too, but don't take care of myself as well as you do.

That is a sign of a good friend when they are there for you in rough times. Says a whole lot about you and its all good.