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Friday, January 23, 2009


I was over at Intenseguys blog and he was interviewed by a fellow blogger...she asked him some great questions and he gave some terrific answers. He said if anyone wanted to be interviewed by him to leave a 'interview me' in the comment section of his post. So I did..these are the questions that he has for me..and I must say...they could be tricky. Not for you old timers as you know everything about me including my Tabu farting abilities, addiction to Blue Bell Ice Cream and my love of Dublin Dr Pepper. I wasn't going to play the game as I'm not sure anyone wants to play. But if you do..leave a comment on this post and I'll come up with some questions for you. You can also head on over to Intenseguys blog and see his answers to the questions..They were very interesting. ok..here goes.

If someone invented a "go-back time machine" which places you in your body that you had, in a situation you were once in, for only 5 minutes, knowing what you know now, what thing(s) would you go back and change?
This is pretty easy for me..I'd probably take the little machine back to four different times..To the first time I took a drink...I wouldn't take it..I'd say no thanks, I'll have a sodie pop. The same with that little bennie...No thanks, I'll have another cup of coffee and some NoDoz..If I hadn't taken that little pill it wouldn't have spiraled into the LSD I took and wouldn't have married asshole number 2. No one should marry a guy you have only met 3 times in 2 weeks after dropping acid. And that day back in July of 1974, when Jack got out of the car all crazy, I wouldn't have gotten out of the car. I would have kept the kids in the car, and just drove off. Drove to my Daddy's in Texas, and had him hide me with my relatives until Jack o.d'd someplace or someone else shot him..Being sober and off drugs would have changed my life and my kids..I probably would never have married Jack, or even met him if I didn't drink, and wouldn't have Maryjo, so that is the only kicker on that trip back in time.Because I can't imagine my life without the MOJO.
What would you do if you were were to spend a week as President Obama? I'd bip the Senate and the House into coma's and make them pass a health care bill, make gay marriages legal, make all major business's that moved their plans to China to bring them back, default on all the money we owe all the countries. Tell them fuck off, you want it, come and get it. Then I would cut off all the countries that we give money to. That would pay for the health care. I would make all people on welfare take drug tests, and if they flunk they don't get any money. Roe vs Wade would never be reversed, but they would have to give sex education in schools and pass out condoms and needles to people on the streets that are on drugs.I'd make marijuana legal and set up programs with farmers to grow hemp and marijuana. I am sure there are other things I'd do but it would probably take more than a week.
How did you end up in Texas? are you a native? I started out here ..My Daddy and his folks are from Mesquite and Forney, Texas. Daddy was in the Air Force and he always tried to stay in Texas so he could be close to them. He was a great son and an even better father. I lived in Texas most of my life when I was a kid, except for some trips to Oklahoma, Hawaii, and Arizona. When I grew up I moved to Calif. to marry Asshole #1, then he joined the Air Force and we lived in Mississippi, New Mexico, Washington and Oregon. I moved back to New Mexico where my Daddy was after Asshole #2 and met Jack. After Jack I moved to Calif to be with Chuck, then back to Texas then back to Calif then back to Texas where I said fuckit...I can't quit this place. If I could live any place in the world, I'd live in West, by Goddess, Texas.
What book or books do you think every child in the USA or the world should read? I am such a believer in kids reading..I think it doesn't matter what they read as long as they read. When I was a kid I started reading when I was about 4...by the time I was 9 I was reading H.Allen Smith, Robert Ruruck(spelling), Ayn Rand, William Farley, all the children's classics, every book on South Africa, Egypt, Greece and England. I loved history and reading about people in different countries ..I read about Cleopatra, Henry VIII, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, etc.
American history ? I loved Indians..my favorite was Chief Crazy Horse. So kids just need to read. Jerk their little asses off that computer and video game and hand them a book. If they say they don't like to read, keep giving them a book till they find one that speaks to them. Reading is good.
You talk about inventing your own religion and being a goddess - what would be your number 1 rule for humans to live by? If I was a Goddess, and had the power to make human beings follow one rule it would be..........Love Thy Neighbor and be tolerant. There is too much anger and hate ...Muslims against Jews, Christians against Muslims. Whites against Black, Black against Koreans, everyone against someone. Sad..we are eathlings...people of the planet earth..supposed to be put here by a loving and kind God. Yet all we do is kill in his name. Come on everybody, love your neighbor.
So...that's the questions and those are my answers. Anyone wants to play the game..email me and I'll send you the questions and you do a post of them.


Sling said...

Yer a helluva woman doll!..But I knew that. ;)

Lilly's Life said...

I just read the comment you left on my blog. You are fucking hilarious, I love you! Wish you lived closer. Anyway I have to go out but am coming back to read this post - sounds fascinating!!

your dirty lovah said...

If you want to think up some good questions for me, I'm game. I've got nothing to say lately.

Robin said...

I'm so in! Hook me up! I loved your answers and I love "tests"..hell, I could be good at this!

Very enlightning about you as well...are you sure you're not my sister?!

Robin said...

Is this where I say interview me?

yellowdog granny said...

sling:thanks sweety!
lily:come back and ask to be interviewed.
dirty lovah:oh great..now i'll think of some perfect questions just for you.
robin:we could be sista's for sure.
yup..now i'll think of some perfect questions for you.

Lilly's Life said...

I love your brutal honesty and you cut right to the quick on everything. All that reading has made you a very smart cookie. Sounds like you could write a book.

Sometimes we never know the lives and the challenges people have had to go through. After I went through my ex trying to strangle me and taking me for everything, I would never judge another person again. I too do not understand why people just cannot be up front, say what they think and be gentler with one another. Eric is interviewing me but he hasnt come through with his questions yet so I will let you know. Somehow I think your questions would be good ones.

I am going to link you in a post sometime soon, when I get over this focus on Australia bit..he he!

By the way who is the picture of?

Ted said...

Love your thoughts on reading. It makes me so glad my brother Danny is into publishing in general and e-Books in particular (he's in the process of putting classics together now).
Loving thy neighbor and tolerating him's gonna be hard as long as its Rush Limbilge...Talk about a rude awakening: Radio alarm clock goes off this morning and guess who is railing against Obama? I was looking forward to Jim Rome/The Jungle. Before coffee. Barf-inducing, truly. Limbaugh's major problem is having no idea his 15 minutes of fame were over an hour ago.

Intense Guy said...

Your answers are wonderful - you have, like me, lived a full life (just very different ones) and your answers show that... your experience and education HAS made you a very wise Granny.

I don't recall exactly how I "met" you (via your blog) but I'm really glad I did!

billy pilgrim said...

would marijuana be considered a drug in your welfare testing?

yellowdog granny said...

lily:I'm a lousy liar so i have to tell the truth.it's a pain in the ass sometimes but it's who i have been for 65 years...so me and everyone i know just 'deal with it'..ha
I think my blog is my book...
ted:yeah, im big on reading..think kids need to spend less time on the computer and video games and more on reading..parents
fault..too lazy..
it's not easy to love thy neighbor when it's rush limbaugh, or some other asshole..but you can tolerate them..i just don't listen to him or anyone like him..like faux news..
intenseguy:wish i had a little more money to go with that experience. my life has been 'different' and except for a few times i'd live it pretty much the same.I think you read one of my goofy comments on someones post..like sling ? and came over to check me out..then i checked you out and well..here we are..ha.
billy:marijuana would be legal but figure if they have enough money to buy reefer they can pay for their groceries.

McRaven said...

awww my jackie sue I love you! great post!

Ted said...

Oh my!
If you promise to run for President in 2012, I promise to vote for you. That platform's a-fuckin'-thousand percent better than anything I've seen. Like my dad and my brother Danny say, "Throw in a case of beer and you got yourself a deal!"

texlahoma said...

Like Ted said,
You should run for political office, maybe even president!

Cutting off money to other counties, hell yeah!
What you said about being tolerant of people that are different, you said a mouthful. The hate mongers and war starters don't much care for that kind of talk.

yellowdog granny said...

nancy:i love you too my friend.
ted and tex:I think shooting my last husband would disqualify me from running for president.

Nit Wit said...

I knew all of the answers! Well I didn't remember their being a car involved with your becoming a self made Widow, but the allergies were really bad the day I read that post and my eyes were leaking rivers.
That's the best picture of MoJo I have seen yet.
I consent to be interviewed though I can't promise that I'll tell the truth.
I'm doing this comment on my old laptop while I add a 500 Gig hard drive to my main system. I'll now have three drives for a total storage of about 1.3 Terribyts. Saving those stumble pictures sure takes a lot of space.

Ted said...

"I think shooting my last husband would disqualify me from running for president" - YG

You could still run for Texas governor, then angle for a Senate appointment...I mean, shooting ain't the same as killing in this case, is it?

That Rude Girl said...

You gave some really good answers. How I wish there really was a go-back time machine.

sageweb said...

Wow those questions seemed hard but you knocked them out of the park....great post

yellowdog granny said...

nitty:we had been to roswell and drove back to farmington while jack had been threatening to kill all of us the entire trip.so...my bad..isn't that a great picture of her..? i just love it..I'm thinking of questions for you..good ones..ha..least it will give you something to post about.as soon as i post the pictures on my blog i delete them..
ted:well, lets just put it this way...Jack won't be voting in any election..ever.
rudegirl:a go back in time machine would be nice.tell me self to lay off the damn twinkies..
the fat from them doesn't effect your body for 30 years.
sage:i like hard things...snort*

Doralong said...

A wayback machine would be awful handy! But then again some of the best things in my life are tied into some of the worst, so I guess leaving well enough alone might be my better choice.

tsduff said...

Okay, interview me for crying out loud. I must need it.