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Monday, November 28, 2016


the family..with the exception of Thom..he took the picture.
 Abby listening to her mother telling her what to do and then does what she wants.
 but she's loved anyhow
 their nana got them the cutest matching outfits.
 they love their leap pads.

 the view from my window..the bay..
 this is all lit up at night..angels, elves, Santa Claus etc.
 the pyramid where the aquarium is..we had such a great time..we loved the penguins..and I got to see  a penguin poop in the water..
 the ice palace..I skipped it..was wore the fuck out.
 zip line..yeah, not for me thanks.
 Jamie and her cousin..on Thanksgiving.
 this is my first day home and Jackiesue has  some work to do..supposed to have Jambalaya plate sale to raise money for meals on wheels..which you were here..I make kickass Jambalaya.


Jan said...

What? No zip line photos? Great looking bunch

Intense Guy said...

Oh wow! Looks like you had a super awesome time!

Penguin poop and all!

p.s., love the matching outfits on the Grands!


we had a great time and the little ones are the greats.

Jono said...

It is just difficult for me to picture palm trees at the holiday season. Nice looking family!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a fab family trip -- looks like so much fun! Penguin poop, eh? THAT was your highlight, lol?

booda baby said...

These are all super adorable. It was like taking a vacation - you know. The thing I don't see happening for a long time -through you. Oh, you know what I mean.

I also wanted to let you know that I read all your FB 'what the fuck, Trump peeps?!' posts to A. and he LOVES you!! So. It's a family thing. Ha.


BOODA BABY..i love my extended family.