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Sunday, November 20, 2016

we need to check Trump's birth certificate..I think he was born in Germany


booda baby said...

1. Genius blog title.
2. You can come watch the Cowboys with A. He loooooooves them, too.

and 3. Hahaha. You are SO delightful.


1. I'm pretty proud of that blog title myownself.
2.I would love to watch the game with him..tell him I've worn my lucky cowboy shirt every game but the first one and I won't wash it for fear of washing the luck out of it..and it can now stand up by itself in the corner...
3. you're pretty fucking fabulous yourownself.

Ol'Buzzard said...

It looks like bloggers and comedians are going to have four years of never ending material. I hate to say it can't get worse because I believe it will.

The Republican Party, that use to keep a lid on their lunatic fringe, was systematically taken over by the Tea Party, until not the inmates control the asylum - and the country.

The god damn, lazy, quibbling, politically correct, standing on principal Democrats had better get their act together in 2018:
the Ol'Buzzard