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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

we will be returning to our regular broadcasting times of Monday and Friday

and because there is a shitton of memes out there that I couldn't resist..but I'll give you fair fucking warning..one pro Trump statement and I will hunt you down and this 73 year old lady will kick your motherfucking asses..and that's a promise..I have google and am not afraid to use it.


PipeTobacco said...

Happy belated birthday!

I don't really know which scenario is worse:

1. Trump acts like he did during the election causing chaos.

2. Trump has a cabinet of old, wiley Republicans who have axes to grind and Trump basically becomes a puppet like "W" Bush.

The most likely outcome is both... A lot of nasty stuff behind the scenes and a chaotic frontman.

California may have made the best decision. Never having tried marijuana myself, yet, I may have to consider it if I am ever in one of the free states. Might do me some good. I am at least curious about what it is like. With my knowledge of pipe tobacco, it should not be a hard learning curve if I ever get to sample it.


either way we're fucked.
I occasionally smoked back in the 60's and 70's but not much..about 3 years ago I was having trouble sleeping so a friend got me a joint..I smoked about 1/4 of it and then laid in bed all night long afraid to go to sleep for fear I'd forget how to swallow..or what if I go to sleep and forget how to wake up...yeah, the shit today is waaaaaaay stronger than those nickle bags we had..


oh and thank you for the happy birthday..some fecking birthday gift..the 8th we elected an ignorant asshole and 4 days later I turn 73..holyfuckme

jadedj said...

The thing is...you can get over being a year older. Getting over the asshole...not so easy.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Again happy birthday
but like you say: we're fucked
the Ol'Buzzard