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Monday, April 25, 2005

dont move to bloomaburg, texas

what ever you do...just about the time i think its enough to live happily in texas because of the bluebonnets, beautiful clouds, the dallas cowboys, and my family resides here...some more stupid people crawl out of the wood work and fuck up my day...
so, im reading my daily dallas morning newspaper like i do every flapping day of my life...and what do i see on page 4a the texas ssection...but this headline
yup the insane people are running the aslymn again...2 women who are lesbians were fired from their job in a town of 375 people...one was a bus driver and office assistant and the other was a teacher and coach who led the school''s basketball team to state finals in 2004....seems a mr. jerry hendrick a school counselor was promoted to superintendent and used the occasion to fire them for being lesbians... a board memeber ronnie peacock(now there is a gay name if i ever heard one)....said he was going ot make sure they were fired bcause they were lesbians...you know i bet i know why old ronnie is so against gays....i bet with a name like peacock he got teased his entire boyhood by those mean spirited little kids about having a name with cock in it...peacock, "seecock, beacock, i can imagine the names he was called..."..well, there goes my happy day....why oh why arent people more understanding and tolerant about their fellow human beings...when i meet someone i dont think to myself i wonder who they sleepw with, or how they do it...i could care less. i want to know if this person is good to their family, is good to their friends...likes animals and lives a good life...i dont care what they do ...as long as they dont do it in my yard and scare my dogs... so im here to say please excuse the ignorant people that live in a town of 375..not all of them..as i know there are some good ones out there...but i am sorry that they are ignorant assholes ...the goddess will get them....

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