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Thursday, April 28, 2005

thanks for the comments

i so appreciate the comments everyone leaves for my blogs...nice to know that im not the only one that thinks im smart and funny..
i was watching pbs the other night, think it was smiley travis?? and he had this reverend on and was touting his book, havent got it yet but am reading his other one called taking the bible back from the fundamentals..?? or close the guys name is rev. strok and the book is soo good. im not a christian as i belive in a woman god..but if more christians thought like this man i would be come a believer.. i ususally dont recomment non fiction as i end up pissing everyone off with my yellowdogdemocrat views..but this book needs to be read more and his new one..ill get the title by the next time i get on..(just remembered he bpg show''s host is travis smiley...but i kind of like mine better)...
king george is going to commandeer our tv again tonight...why thurs. you dick wad...make me miss csi and er...i thought he would be so busy holding the prince''s hand and kissing his ass that we might not see him around for a while...also was in dallas paper..when the prince was in dallas,(seems he''s not fond of the plainess of ''the ranch''(no stock so still dont know how this is a ranch) and rented the entire hotel in dallas for himself and his croneys..the guy that makes his tea and the one that helps him dress and the one that...well, you get the idea...for all the ass kissing and handholding that king george did with the prince...nothing has changed..we are still paying $50 a barrel for gas...but the upside is all those asshole''s that bought the bigass hummers and suv''s are selling them off and taking at least a $700 loss...hee..hee...the goddess strikes again...

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