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Monday, February 14, 2011


the one good thing about not having a 'significant other' for Valentines day?

no blow job thank you for the $10 roses and $4 box of candy.


MarkD60 said...

I have a superball that drives my dog Sheba Crazy. I call it my Sheba Torture Device. For Valentines Day I told my wife I had a STD....

Happy Valentines Day!

MRMacrum said...

Nice set of pictures. Almost too many chuckles to handle when I'm trying so hard to be pissy.

Happy VD.....uh Day, uh, well it's the thought that counts.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy BJ-free Valentine's Day, YDG! Lots of laffs this morning but "two more feet of snow" was the best!

Anonymous said...

Valentine's Day can suck it ; )

Anonymous said...

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Bob said...

"Happy V.D. Monday"?

Perhaps it has slipped your mind that V.D. used to - and still does - mean venereal disease?

Just because todays PC crowd perfer to call a VD an STD(because it sounds more socially acceptable)
doesn't mean the meaning has changed for a whole lot of us.

So... When you wish us all a "Happy V.D. Day" and then show a photo of a little girl climbing onto a little boy, it's a bit
- to put it bluntly - crappy.

But that's just my personal take... And an object lesson in semantics.

Kulkuri said...

HAPPY V.D. MONDAY in nothing to clap about!!

Stole Boner's weeping pix.


thanks every one glad you enjoyed it..and bob?...bob bob bob..the picture of the little girl climbing on the little boy is a play on tom boy me when I was a little girl who beat up a little boy to be my valentines..which you wouldn't know about because your a new reader..and that you think my play on VD is 'crappy'?...do me a favorite ..find a picture of me..take a really really good look at that face in the picture..and tell me if you think that face really gives a fuck what you think...go back under your rock bob, the sun is getting to your brain.

Bob said...

I had no idea the photo was of you, sorry. There was no personal insult intended in my comments to you.

The connection of the (unidentified) children in the photo and the VD comment was - in my view - in very poor taste.

You disagree.

Unfortunately, your response is mired down with the trashy language and insults that seem to be your stock in trade.

Quite a legacy to leave behind.

Jan said...

Best. Haiku. Ever.

And I didn't even count syllables.

Grandma K said...

Thanks for bringing humor on Monday!

Anonymous said...

This one is for Bob:

Why the fuck do you read Granny if she just pisses you off with her bad taste? Sounds like those Howard Stern fans who profess to hate his guts but tune in everyday just to hear what he's going to say : )

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Kudos to Kulkuri for working in a clap reference along with V.D. Monday!

FoxyMoron said...

Well said Dark Mother!
Heh heh Lois Lane.....

billy pilgrim said...

happy fucking v.d.!

free penicillin for everyone!

jadedj said...

YD G...sometimes "trashy" is called for...especially when dealing with nit-picking assholes.

As always good ones. Hope you had a good non-std VD day.

Karl said...

Good morning Jackie Sue,

Yep, the one with Berry, Clinton and Putin, pretty much says it all. Although "Pretty girl" is a close second.

squatlo said...

Love the Palin (Brawk! Pretty girl) pic, gotta rip that one!

And anonymous? If you feel that strongly about boycotting American Women? I'm pretty sure they appreciate your restraint. Just stick to sheep, and we'll all sleep easier knowing you aren't spawning.

jadedj said...

Squatlo....HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR...regards sheep!


Bob I react to everything the same way..if I don't like it I say so..If I do...I say so..say it the same way I've been saying it since I was 4...not going to change..but I do wonder why you come here..we are poles apart on so many issues...we agree on practically nothing..do you come here to pick a fight?...good luck with that.

texlahoma said...

You had me at "Two feet of snow" and "Lois Lane".

Bob said...

Dark Mother:

Granny does not "piss me off". You ask, Why do I come here? I come here because of Granny's political posters which are always a great treat.

I own three house cats and three now grown - once abandonedd kittens - that live in the garage, and her cat posters are always amusing and often epic.

Granny is correct when she says we are poles apart and disagree on just about eveything.

So what?

She probably doesn't like the Denver Broncos either.(Now don't go fly off the handle if you do, Granny)

If I make a comment she doesn't like, she responds in a manner she is accustomed to, no problem.

It's her blog and she makes the rules... rules that I am just now learning by trial and error, since she doesn't post any guidelines.


No, I don't come here to start a fight, I come here for the reasons stated above.

People that post on my blog are welcome to say whatever comes to mind. I don't dump on them for it. I welcome different points of view since some may eventually change my mind on some issue or another.

What I do not allow on my blogs is foul language - such posts will be quickly deleted. If you can't make your point without cussing and foul language, I am not interested in whatever it is you have to say. Nor do I allow posts in which commenters insult and bebase each other. My blog, my rules.

Politicans of either party - of course - are always in season for any sort of comment, minus the cuss words.

Grannys rules are obviously different but as I said, her blog, her rules.

No problem.

Oh yes...

The cats in the garage? They showed up on the front porch (teeny little kittens) during that massive spring snowstorm last year, starving, freezing and terrified. They are now all shiny-coated and sassy, just as they should be.

The inside cats, having been pampered and spoiled for a lifetime, get in a snit whenever one of the outside cats slips past the door. So for now, I keep them separated.

rox said...

I loved the Two Feet Of Snow one too! And the Mumbarek one...an ass that won't quit. That's funny!

Yankee Girl said...

Poor Eve. She was in a really tough situation.


ok..peace bob..you got me with the love for cats..

Bob said...


Intense Guy said...

I hate Valentines Day.

But I love your Monday stumbles!

I had to grin at that little pig saying "hooomin'. :)