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Saturday, February 12, 2011

WEST, TEXAS NEWS...we got snow

Looks like we got between 3-4 inches..and even though it was slippery and we had our share of wrecks I don't think many people could say they didn't like it. I sure did..I was just pissed that no one would come out and play with me..old farts were all asleep..I did make a snowball and gave it to Michael.
One of the downsides was the trip to Austin for some of the residents for West Day was canceled because of the bad weather. It has been postponed and will be held at a later date. West Kolaches are 'Official Kolaches of the Texas Legislature and the city is "Czech Heritage Capital of Texas."...

West city council adopted two ordinances and one of them is so convoluted I don't understand it at all.
It has to do with the approval for a housing ordinance, restricting the heights and size of new housing and structures and provides for minimum standards for those type dwellings. It's 5 pages long and some of the highlights include the "living area (in the dwelling) must be a minimum of 1,000 square feet. Every dwelling unit shall have at least one room which shall have not less than 150 square feet of floor area. Other habitable rooms, except kitchens shall have an area of not less than 70 square feet. It also covers ceiling heights and closet space. Along with lighting and ventilation requirements. All buildings hereafter shall have no less than 75 percent brick or masonry., unless otherwise approved by the city council. The other ordinance is about junk cars.
Today was the last day of the West Public Library sale and I bought $21 worth of books. Which is the least amount I have ever bought.Someone donated over 600 hardback's to the library so it was a great sale for people who wanted to buy novels. I don't ususally buy many novels. I usually buy non-fiction. I bought a couple of gardening books, cook books, some classics and gave to Marissa as she'll probably need them for college.
I got: To Be A Trial Lawyer by F. Lee Bailey, Trail Lawyer by Stanley M.Rosenblatt, Trial Notebook by James W. McElhaney and Exodus. Don't ask me why I got the lawyer books..????
Oh I also got a very good copy of The Age of Reason Begins by Will and Ariel Durant.
AND...don't laugh..a beautiful leather bound book called Daily Inspiration for the Purpose Driven Live.Was given to:Aunt Mary from Albert, John, and Belinda Garrett. with pages so you could add your reflections..all blank..guess ole Aunt Mary kept her reflections to herself.
West League plans baseball and softball sign-ups. Every time it's pretty out and I drive to the library I can hear the plonk, plunk, of balls hitting aluminum bats. I liked the old thunk, whack sound you got from wooden bats.
The Kiwanis Club is planning a chili and Stew supper at the West Community Center. All proceeds from this even are to support children in the West community.
The new city manager is kicking ass. The city has already approved his plan for ornate trash and recyclable containers in the city's downtown area. They also approved Main Street purchasing decorative flags and banners for the city along with money to improve the electrical lighting in the city's downtown area. I can't wait for all these new changes.
West business's are collecting used cell phones which will be recycled and aid U.S. soldiers in getting free phone cards.
Girl Scouts are every where selling cookies. Eight varieties for $3.50 a box.
The West Junior High athletic program is hosting a spaghetti meal and the money will be used for the athletic program.
Mynar's Bar is having a valentine party on Feb.12th with Ben Rendek Acoustics playing. Las Palmas over by the Czech Inn is not open on Sunday and you get a free 32 oz. tea from 3-9 with every plate dinner you buy. There is a coupon for buy any plate at regular price and get second one 1/2 off.
Out West Bar and Grill is having a chili cook off Saturday and Sunday. I drove by it today and there were quite a few people out there. I might go over tomorrow and take some pictures. I can remember a time when I spent more time in that building then I did any place else. Oh man...the stories I could tell.
Lauren Elyse Lockett is engaged to Ben Montgomery and will be married in Hillsboro April 2.
Jacqueline J. Dishon is engaged to Cody W. Sulak and will be married this Feb 26 In Temple.
Hayden just turned 10.
We have 2 new arrivals ...Jacob Edward Goodman was born Jan. 13 and weighed 10 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches long. He is a big beautiful baby.Grant Edward Bentz weighed in at 8 pounds 13 ounces and 20.5 inches long. he is so cute, has such a cute little knitted cap on...
West Fraternal Auditorium is having a Valentine's Dance tonight also..Whiskey Hill is playing.
I keep forgetting about Valentine's ..when you don't have a 'other'...it's just another day..when Is it?..
The Lady Trojans clinched a playoff berth with a 49-40 win over the Venus Lady Bulldogs. The date for the Bi-District game has not been set yet.
Haden Tobola a kicker for West Middle School participated in bowl games. He played ini the Eastbay 2011 East-West Game as a kicker. Haden's stats for the games were a perfect 8 for 8 in extra point attempts and one of two in field goal attempts. (we could use him on the Cowboys.)
He was successful on a 35-yard field goal and barely missed a 44-yard field goal, tipping the crossbar from the left hash-mark.
The West Trojans defeat Hillsboro in District 8-AAA action. Trojan baseball season will being at The Ballpark in Arlington. They will play the Forney Jackrabbits. Oh man..I just had a flash back. Remember my cousin Michael Ray? One third of the three trouble makers ..Me Mike and Larry Wayne?..Well, Mike was a football player for the Forney Jackrabbits and was coming back from a football game and he was riding with the coach and a couple of other players in the coaches car and some drunk plowed into them..Everyone had small injuries except for Michael who was killed.51 years ago..sigh*
50 years ago in West, Texas Mrs. Frances Vanzura drew 7 aces at the 42 club meeting Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Frank Jezek. The chance of drawing a perfect hand in 42 is several hundred thousand to one, and it doesn't happen very often.
Guests at the club were Mrs. George Jezek and Mrs Raymond Hruska, who won second high. Members present were Mrs. Millie Baca, who won high score, Mrs. Ed Mazanec, Mrs Jim Hiavaty, Mrs. Angeline Sula, Mrs. Joe Mazanec and Mrs. Vanzura. Mrs Jezek served deviled ham sandwiches heart-shaped cheese sandwiches, heart-shaped cheese pickles, custard cream rolls and coffee and mints.(I just love these items from 50 years ago)
Now that you've seen how lovely my little town is..here's what you can get for your money.For sale by owner 3-bedroom, 2 bath on beautiful tree covered lot. Completely remodeled. Central heat and air. $89,900.
well, that's all the news that's fit to print from West, by Goddess, Texas..y'all come see us ..ya'hea?


MarkD60 said...

West Texas? Snow? I thought it never snowed out there in West Texas.
Funny pics of people out building snowmen in T shirts!

texlahoma said...

Great pics - Y'all got more snow than we did this go round.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like there's still lots of goings-on in West despite the snow. So YDG, what's up with you? You're reading housing ordinances, buying books by lawyers -- are you gearing up to sue someone, LOL?


Mark..there is a comma between West and Texas..I'm not in West Texas..I'm in West, Texas which is north central Texas..ha..17 miles north of Waco, and 89 miles south of Dallas.I thought that was funny too..no one has 'winter gear'..we have short sleeve tshirts and long sleeve tshirts..
Tex:this is all we got period..
Debra:they were .25cents a piece..ha..and Me? sue? nah, I'd rather just confront them and threaten to kick their ass..ha

Kulkuri said...

West, TX in central TX and Center, TX in on the Eastern edge of TX. Seems like they were directionally challenged when naming places.

Sounds like the ordinance on building is to make sure they keep building McMansions.

Jan said...

I love the excitement of people who seldom get snow. The last time it snowed here was 1960 and the whole town just stopped and played in it.

Bob said...

Why does it seem that every time you see a photo of someone shoveling snow, its an old man doing the shoveling?(your last photo)

billy pilgrim said...

any drunks writing their names in the snow? nudge nudge, wink wink.

the stuff we did in our youth. i miss those days.

jadedj said...

For once we didn't get any snow this round. Happy for you...and even more happy for me (picture older guy not shoveling).

rox said...

I love your snow excitement...wish I had some.

And to answer Bob's question, the reason there's always a picture of an old man shoveling is that it's so rare to see ANY man shoveling, they have to document it when it happens.


Intense Guy said...

No ordinance should ever be so convulted that ANY of the voting public not be able to understand it.

The politician lawyers are building in future lawsuits.