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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Dexter recommends you check out the West Trojan and Lady Trojan's games on Kmac sports...Live broadcasts of our games...and we're already off to a roaring start.
The Lady Trojans open 2113 softball season with 6 wins and championship in Gatesville tourney. With the six wins last  week West Coach Guyla Smith piled up her 500th career victory.
Coach Smith, the only head coach ever for the Lady Trojans softball team, started the West softball program in 1991.
 Since that time, her teams have a 500-149-1 record which includes 5 trips to the state tournament and three teams making the state finals. 
"It was sweet to get the (500th) win over with that early (in the season)", coach Smith said Monday. "The kids were fired up going into the game (against Robinson) and after the game I was excited along with them."
"It's (the 500 win) is a tribute to the parents over the years and their getting their girls ready to play high school ball through our feeder programs and playing select ball in the summer."
The Trojans opened the baseball season with a 6-1 loss in Argyle. But I expect them to do better, they have 5 seniors this year.(Cole Anderson is one, and that's Jeanne's step-son)she's the owner of Pizza House of West and Gerik's Bakery. My 2 most favorite places in the world.
West power-lifting teams placed second and 15th this past Saturday in the West High School Gym. The Lady Trojans took second with 28 points. Cole Anderson placed third in the 181 pound category an they d  Lilliana Aguilar won first place in the 181 pound category. I'm really looking forward to either going to the games or listening to them on my computer with KMAC Sports..
West Day at the State Capitol in Austin is scheduled for March 13th, West officials announced Monday.
The City of West and West Chamber of Commerce are sponsoring this event which includes the city being recognized in both the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate. West Day has become a tradition at the State Capitol as West representatives bearing kolaches have visited the state legislatures in Austin every year they have been in session since 1997. That was the year in which West kolaches were named the "Official Kolache of the Texas Legislature" and the city was named the "Czech Heritage Capitol of Texas."
In 2011, West representatives attended West Day at the State Capitol on March 2 and at that time delivered over 90 dozen kolaches to the offices of various state representatives and state senators.
This event is coordinated through the offices of State Representatives Kyle Kacal and State Senator Brian Birdwell.
West Chamber of Commerce president David Pareya said area residents interested in going to the event are invited to attend; however, they will have to use their own transportation to get to Austin.
Currently, Pareya said the West Group, which is to include various city and chamber representatives along with members of the West High School Junior Historians and other individuals, is to arrive at the State Capitol at approximately 9 a.m.  and to go State Rep. Kacal's office.
From there, plans are to begin delivering the kolaches to the various offices in the State Capitol building."We encourage West People to come and help us deliver the kolaches."
At 10 a.m. , West representatives are to go to the House of Representatives and be introduced. Area residents are invited to be in the House Gallery during this time. 
In addition, Pareya said the Junior Historians are scheduled to dance in the rotunda of the State Capitol at noon that day. Live accordion music will be provided for the dancers.
Anyone interesting in attending the West Day event is asked to contact West City Hall at 254-826-5351 or the West Chamber of Commerce at 254-826-3188 for further information.
St.Mary's School held a donkey basketball fundraiser. The city of West's Donkey Dynasty team has some great players and one of them being my beautiful niece Jay Maler.
Penelope ISD fifth grader Kearstyn Sexton won the Hill County Spelling Bee on Feb. 7. He sister 11th grader Keila Sexton attended the event along with Kearstyn's teacher, Mrs. Montgomery. Keila is also the niece of Preston,one of the great employees of Food Mart and she works there too. Always smiling and making our day.
Out West Bar & Grill is having a West Predator Hunt on Friday and Saturday, March 8-9. I'm only mentioning this because I haven't a clue what the hell that is..So as I find out, I'll let you know.
Have some great deals on land and property. 39+ acres with large metal Quonset and barn. Available water and power. Buy as one tract for $132,288 or combine with a 3-bedroom/2 bath house and additional 32+ acres for $300k. Such a deal. New listing-3bd/2 bath brick home in quiet neighborhood. Priced to sell at $115,00. That always cracks me up..quiet neighborhood..hell, it's West...all the neighborhoods are quiet.
Well, the only JackieSue news I have for you is..Jamie's back at work and I have Miss Abby again..Who will be 5 months the 24th. I think Olivia turned 10 months on the 18th. They are growing so much..Sad news... Kathy's(Jamie and Jenny's mom) Dad died and the girls grandpa. So sad..He was always so sweet and nice to me..He was a good man and Kathy and the girls are really going to miss him. The good news is I got in touch with my long lost step-sister Kathy..so far we've been talking and texting and and hit and miss on the getting together. I'm also going to a Marde Gras party Saturday at 7 p.m. My friends Michael and James invited me..I love going out there..smack dab in the middle of nowhere West and they always have food and more food..I'm going to make some French Bread, some jalapeno cornbread muffins, and maybe some buchtas. I made 4 of them yesterday and they were so good... They are like  a strudel except better. They are big fans of my pecan pie so might make one of them too. I'll take pictures and  do a post.
Ok...I still have to put together my Friday's post so need to get busy...have a great weekend...


FoxyMoron said...

I just love West news, I don't know why, I just do.
Sorry about the girls' grandfather.

MarkD60 said...

You should check with the local newspapers sports department about a part time job.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Lady Trojans have no bigger fan or booster than you! And that Mardi Gras party sounds like fun -- lots of good eats!

Anonymous said...

You SHOULD do a column for the paper! That would be awesome!

Sorry about the girls' grandpa. Good that you're in touch with your step sister though.