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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


 imagine being a 70 plus resident and having that fall on your body, wake up buried under the furniture in your room, covered with fiberglass, glass, ceiling tiles and your recliner ...Having to lay there for long long minutes thinking you may be the only one left alive and who is going to come save you. Looking around your room which was your home..filled with all your most precious belongings, pictures of your family going back generations, your Bible. Every thing you own was in that room. Now you have nothing..THIS is why I'm raising money to give them a memorable Christmas to help take their  mind off of what happened 6 months ago..Maybe for a minute or two you can forget that while you lost everything, your kids home and automobiles was also destroyed. Entire families lost everything..their home, their furniture, clothes, beloved pets..everything is gone..so yeah, I'm going to ask people to help me give them a Merry Christmas..and if you can't..it's ok, we all know what that can be like..love and fecking kisses..jackie


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, if anyone deserves a bit of extra cheer at Christmas, they do!

Anne Johnson said...

How do we do it?

Intense Guy said...

Count me in.

Things have been slow at work so I don't have much - but will share what I got.