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Friday, November 28, 2014

hope your team won or will win...

Friday better put on a big smile know a few dirty jokes and not lead me into temptation...cause I'm ready to do some sinning.


MarkD60 said...

Have a good weekend.
That kid in Ferguson was assulting a police officer.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Bat shit crazy is the norm.
the Ol'Buzzard

Jerri said...

Hi,Jackiesue.Hope you had a nice Turkey Day! You've got lots of good ones and I'm in "a mood" today so...
The kind of sandwich would be a "Hero" of course 'cuz those two sinking and consumed by " bottom- feeders"( how ironically appropriate) would make a person a hero!
I could think of LOTS of things the Repubs did TO the middle class...but let's see...hmmmm...oh,yeah, they removed that horribly stressful "striving to succeed" thing for us, our kids and our grandkids. No more of that silly "American Dream" to worry about. Hope you like where you are, 'cuz you'll be lucky to hold onto that. And I think we all know what "grownup " temper tantrums look like now.
Ferguson is just too sad to think about even for me today. What a fucking mess. Will we EVER change?(sigh)
On a MUCH lighter and less cynical note, if you want a smile or a unique gift,go to Archie Mcphee's site. They have bacon EVERYTHING! Actually had bought that Crazy Cat Lady for a friend : )... and she got me a tiny shrunken Freud.
" Go to Buffalo..." Unless I have > 6 ft of snow around my house I will NEVER complain about the weather again! Wow, what a beautiful nightmare!
Thanks,Jackiesue, I just might make it through this day. : D


face it....we're fucked

Jerri said...

Oh,YDG,I fear my cynicism has crept along the internet and seeped into your thoughts. Or...was it reality and life in general?(example: how's your truck?) Don't get me wrong,we are indeed profoundly and totally fucked,but I just left 's a g'kid's b'day party
(I have 5 gr'daughters & 2 gr'sons) and received a double shot of hope. What strong capable girls and nurturing boys we are raising.I know I've done my Grammy job when I get a call from one of my kids asking:"just what did you guys talk about...?" That's where we can not let the bastards keep us down! Plant a seed.
As for now...we enjoy every damned experience we want,don't take no shit and totally believe in Karma .( I know an occasional "fatty" also helps my frame of mind ; ) Some of us are clever enough to have blogs that make a difference (that would be you : ) in so many ways in so many lives.
Have a gentle weekend,Jackiesue.

Kulkuri said...

lead me into temptation..
You don't have to lead me, I know the way!!

Too many good ones to comment on.


Jerri, my truck is fine..now..I want you to know how much I love your comments..I live for them...you do wonderful things for my swollen ego..If you blog..you must tell me how to find you and if you dont blog..you should..thanks for always making my day..

Jerri said...

What kind, heartwarming words,Jackiesue! I'm glad you enjoy because I often feel guilty that I " go on" and use so much of your space!
No,I don't blog. Time and life make it difficult right now. I'm just a woman with an overdeveloped sense of justice living in a world of...well,you know. I've discovered a kindred spirit in you (and your terrific followers here) and I find your same sense of justice (and delicious sense of humor) just what I need...and you let me "go on"...VERY cathartic ; ) If ever I would, you'll be the first to know and I am so flattered! Especially coming from you.
Sometimes life and time grab me by the scruff of the neck and I don't make it for a couple days...I will always be back, for a dose of much needed sanity.
You just made MY day! : )


Jerri----still think you should blog..you have a great way with words..and I think you might find it fun...you meet wonderful people (like you) and having people bouncing ideas off you is lots of fun...still making my day..

Intense Guy said...

There is no question we badly need tax reform... and military spending reform... and ... reforms of all kinds.