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Sunday, June 28, 2015


 Anissa and me..face is already starting to turn red..my scalp got sunburned .
 Inky's absolutely fantastic brisket..wish she had taken a picture of the pork loin..omg..it was sublime. The beans were fabulous....and my smashed taters got all et up.
 Termite and Anissa.Termite used to think it was funny to give my son Thom Texas Twisters(which is grabbing your nipples and twisting them.) until I chased him over, under and around the pool tables in the Capital Bar and gave him a taste of his own medicine..told him, what you do to my kids I do double to you.. whacko whacko Termite..
 Inky and ??? 
 Peewee...brother of Inky and Michael(Snake)...
 Maggie's(sister of Inky and Pee Wee and Michael) daughter and her son and daughter..beauty runs in this family...
 Maggie and her grandson.
 Peewee's wife Sonya 
 Maggie..she and Sonya are what Grandma's look like in West, By Goddess, Texas.
 Peewee...this is what Grandpa's look like in West, By Goddess, Texas.
 the trio...Inky, Anissa and Jackiesue.
 Adamson's....young and younger..
 I always look like I'm fixing to start something with someone..Anissa said because I am. look at them girls..poke your eye out.
 Anissa and her son Damion.
Inky and John, his nephew..Maggie's son.

the food was plentiful and delicious..the people were sweet and loving and always remind me that even though by blood I'm not an Adamson...I'm still an Adamson.. The one that brought me to them is their mother..Agnes..who died at age of 52..she was one of the best people I ever met in my life..and she adopted me into her heart..I used to drive from Waco to West to party and would park my jeep in front of Capital with keys in it..Agnes lived right across the tracks and would walk over, pull the  keys out and take them home..I'd come out drunker than a bastard and damn, no keys..so I'd stagger across the tracks and Agnes would have a bed made up for me and have breakfast made for me when I woke up..then give me my keys...see why I loved her? when she passed away, much too early I adopted her family and they adopted me...I'm pretty sure Agnes is happy about that.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like a GRAND time! And Agnes was a true friend, taking better care of you than you were of yourself. Friends like that don't come around every day. How wonderful that you are still part of the Adamson clan by adoption!

Ol'Buzzard said...

Looks like a great time... party on it's summer.
the Ol'Buzzard

Intense Guy said...

Oh, that brisket looks sooooo good!