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Saturday, June 13, 2015


 Parker's Park is all Fire Dept themed..well except for the little cop car..the greenish blue stuff is shredded tires.
 I got on it and Olivia pushed it and when I got off I was dizzy and staggering all over the place..
 she climbed up that ladder too..was brave, tried everything ..
 bumpty bumpty on my ole fat ass, but it was really fun..
 me and them damn flip ups.

 she said 'come on little GG..'...
I don't know if you remember after the explosion our city park was destroyed also..leveled..one of the first responders that was killed had a small son Parker..and Parker decided he wanted to do something for the city of West too(all the donations and stuff coming in made an impression on him.)so he decided he would sell hot dogs to raise money for a new park....well, I'm not sure of the amount of money raised, but well over $200,000.  The day they had the hot dog sale, people were calling up and saying I'm sending $5,000 and want to buy a hot dog..since I can't make it..I'll just send the $5,000...it was like that all day..I was semi/broke at the time but donated $10. So this is Parker's Park...it is fantastic..we had the best time..both Jenny and I were so impressed and I was bursting with pride for Parker and our little town of West. The little city that could.It was a little hot out but nice breeze but we had the park all to ourselves..which was nice..but hope it doesn't mean it's not being used like it should..cause it is as nice a park that you will see any where..There is more to do too..put up bathrooms, a covered picnic area...and think they are going to redo the tennis courts too which are right next to the park..a wonderful day..spending time with a Grand and a G? doesn't get much better than that.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You truly are a big kid at heart, aren't you? That's a wonderful story about Parker's Park. People can have the biggest hearts when they want to.

Anonymous said...

What a great theme for a park and a fun place to hang out.

Intense Guy said...

A beautiful memorial to the firemen. Your little one sure had fun too!