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Friday, March 25, 2016

gg's Gerik's Old Bakery, Chez, granddaughter in Seattle, granddaughter and niece oh my

Czech library in Prague..

 My beautiful granddaughter Jenny and her best friend Kyle in Seattle..

 Jenny with man under bridge.
 blue bonnets right by the apts..so had to pick some..
by my Goddess altar.
 by my day of the dead altar.
 this is on the Jackiesue road between the two apt. complex's..they were going to tear it up and make everyone drive on I-35 to the next exit to go 300 yards..guess who convinced them otherwise?..so I have unofficially dubbed it Jackiesue's Road.

 these rolls are made by Jeanne at Gerik's Old Bakery...they are so good they will make you cry.
 I had a doz but Barbara and I split them. Buttery, sweet and just when you think ..oh wow, you get a smack of salty...omfg.
 these are beer bread rolls..with bacon cheese and love..another Jeanne special.
 Abby playing with link squares..she loves them.

my beautiful granddaughter Jamie and my beautiful niece..


Jan said...

I've never known anyone with her own road.


I'm going to get the local artist sign guy to make a sign up that says Jackiesue's Road and stick it up there..with a blue bonnet on it..ha

Intense Guy said...

The so-called "highway engineers" are usually civil engineers that "flunked" out of any other engineering discipline. Combine their dumber than average with the fact they work with "Government" folks, a process that must surely leech out any brains they have left.