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Thursday, May 03, 2018

I missed hump day..but a late hump is better than no hump at all

 I am healing slowly..It helps knowing you all are out here waiting for your 'oh fuck...she's back post.'
 little bit of Abby humor ..we were at grocery store and we pushed our cart past a little ole lady with white hair..just as we were passing her Abby says ..'look GG someone older than you.' Remember this is the kid that calls me 'old fart.'..


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your post title made me laugh! "The Cosby Kids" one with the bags over their heads says it all! Every single Middle Age Riot one made me laugh, of course. And you saved the best LOL for last!

Valerie said...

Thanks, Jackie Sue! I needed these today. (now going to bedazzle my pink straight-jacket--girl is gonna SHINE)

Sandy said...

Some good ones there. When I first read about that jerk Ryan firing the Chaplain, I assumed it was fake news.....pathetic how ridiculous some of this stuff is. Not surprising the letter from the doctor.......wasn't really from the doctor. YOu just can't make up this much BS

Hope you'll swing by for a visit
Sandy's Space


thanks guys..I'll try and get a friday one out..was going to do it last night but got caught up on a show on netflix..sigh*..

wibble said...

Dogdamnit. He went and did it. Between his tiny hard-on for destroying =every= good thing Obama did, his methamphetamine-withdrawal-grade jones to BOMBBOMBBOMBBOMBBOMBBOMBBOMB!!!! something, and the fact that his brain still lives back in the early 80s, Trump bolloxed the Iran Deal.

Fuck every single person who said or implied there was no difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.