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Monday, May 28, 2018

the big 3 at Abby's graduation

 I have to find the photos..but we went to Olivia's graduation the day before.
I wish I could remember what Olivia said that made us laugh so hard.Abby had made us laugh all thru her pre-k graduation..they had videos of the kids being asked various questions..when asked about her siblings she made up an entire family..when asked about pets she said a giraffe and 2 elephants. Between Olivia's sarcastic sense of humor and Abby's saying anything for laughs..there is never a dull moment. they are what keeps me from going truly batshit..
hope you had a happy and safe memorial day..I ended up at VFW helping Lily run the bar Friday night..then Saturday we had bbq..so I was up there at 6:30(supposed to be there at 6 but had been up all night and morning with leg cramps from volunteering at the bar..we sold 180 breakfast burritos to the cookers who were too hungover to fix breakfast..we sold a 5 gallon cooler of bloody mary's..lots and lots and lots of poppies..Saturday I ended up working the bar with Lily and John our bar back..John and I volunteers..Al was there too and he was just plum wore out..so many times I wanted to bail out of the joint and go home but no way could I leave Lily and John to do it themselves..was there till 7..I was being asked to do more and more ..finally I said look you guys I'm 74 fucking years old..give me a break..there are times when not looking like 74 is a fucking nuisance. I want someone to go..'let's give her a break she's 74.'
I haven't lost my ole  sense of humor though..one guy ordered about 8 drinks..I looked at him and said 'hey, I'm 74 I have trouble remembering to put pants on when I leave the house, now what did you want again?' when he walked off I heard him say to someone..fuck...she's 74?..
when one guy at a table sort of whined because I got his beer to him slower than he wanted..I said look at this face...and turned my face side to side..now tell me..does this look like a face that give a shit? he high 5'd me..
Karla and I took the golf cart out to where the bbq cook off was set up and hitting people up for money..I was yelling get your red hot bloody mary's right here..
I asked this one guy..'you want a bloody mary?..he said no..I said you need ice? he said no..I said you want to buy some poppies and help out a vet?Before he could say no I said "I'm like a old hooker I'll keep trying to sell you something till you buy it.' he bought 20.00 of poppies..
I did use up some of my time earlier to bring a stack of kids books for a 4 year old girl..she was happy but her mother was thrilled..she runs some sort of day camp for her daughter and her friends..so she said the books would be great.
well folks it's 12:25 A.M. Memorial Day. I'm supposed to go to VFW tomorrow at 11..for out meal ..and whatever else we're doing. I would like to stay home..Abby's going to be there in the evening and take her daycare in morning....Have her Tuesday too..I need a week with not a fuckingg thing to do.Maybe by July..laters


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Holy moly, Jackiesue, you're a whirlwind! The VFW needs to enlarge its pool of volunteers -- surely there must be some vets or vets' families that could step up to the plate? Sounds like everyone loves to attend the events, but no one wants to help out even a little bit.

wibble said...

Like da man sez - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked...

Adam said...

Congrats to her