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Sunday, November 04, 2018

the ggs

 West did a trick or trunk or whatever it's called. it was so great..they also had a haunted house at the old theater..they could only let in 4 at a time because it was so small. Olivia was sick with stomach flu and couldn't come but Abby and Tyler and I went and it was terrific..so ...I am here to tell you I'm the best great grandmother ever..the haunted house had a line almost a block long..we get at end of the line and stood there in same spot for about 15 minutes..Tyler..Abby's soon to be step daddy had to go to work so he left and Abby and I stood in line..for 2 fucking hours..she was so anxious to go and didn't want to leave period..so we stood ...and stood..and stood..someone had given her about 6 of those glow in the dark necklaces..so she put one on and gave out all the rest to these teenage girls right in front of us.. they were so sweet to her..then she started digging in her candy bag and was handing out candy to everyone around her..finally we get up to the entrance and a woman was dressed as a dr with blood all over her..she leaned down and got right in Abby's face and said boo in a real creepy voice..then this dude in a black capped hooded outfit with a huge birds beak leaned right down in her face..then they opened the door on the exit side and the teen age girls came out screaming and then the door to let us in and there is a coffin with a skeleton in it..she started crying and said no no no..I don't want to..everyone that she had charmed was saying oh it's ok Abby..it's not that bad and she's crying and I said no it's not ok..Abby you want to go home and have some ice cream? she said yes..so that's what we did..but I am on the lookout for the nurse and bird to kick their ass..
 we ate at the Czech American ..hadn't eaten there in years..it was really great and they were slammed and we had a great waitress and good service.

 Kelly and her fellow workers at Old Corner Drug did a great Harry Potter site on the corner..it rocked.
 Manuel was letting kids get picture taken in the firetruck..she loved that.
 black and sunglasses day.
 both of the gg's lost 2 teeth..in the exact same place..
 so? a month or so back Barbara and I went to pizza house and since I was watching Olivia that day she went too..the gg's love pizza house..so on the way back Bohemian Rhapsody came on and Barbara and I started head banging and singing along..Olivia is "??what the what?...turn that off.".we convinced her that it was against the law to turn the radio off if Queen was on the radio..  so flash forward a week or so and she's in the car with her mom and it comes on again and she said don't turn that off..that's queen ..gg loves queen and so do I...then when she was sick with stomach flu she calls me and is singing I need somebody to love to me..
so bite me the rest of you gg's..I'm the best..haha
 I was so excited about their costumes..last year Abby was wonder woman and Olivia was Cleopatra..this year Abby was Okoye and Olivia was Raye..

 last game of her softball she played catcher the entire game and hit a home run..hot damn.


Adam said...

Cool costumes

Jan said...

You are without question the best gg. I bought candy and that was pretty much it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You ARE the world's best GG! Great costumes, lots of fun!