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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I get bored .? I get my ass in trouble.

so there is a new neighbor in the apts..she likes to'chat'..I don't do chat..especially since the virus..go the fuck home..so I figured out how to make her run back to her sanctuary..I just start taking shit about trump..and when she would try to interrupt, I'd just talk right over her. 'Trumps an asshole, he's going to get us all killed..we'll be weak from the virus and Russia will hack into everything and attack America..(ok, some of that shit I just made up.)it works so well I did it to one of the neighbors daughter who likes to chat too, I'm pretty sure she twisted an ankle trying to get the fuck away from me..
I'm safe and sound in apt cause everyone is more afraid of me than they are the virus. I'm thinking about just wearing my fuck you trump tshirt every time I check on mail or do laundry..life is hard right now..but by Goddess, I'm still going to laugh..and if making me laugh, is going to piss people off..my work here is done.


Valerie said...

Bless you Jackie Sue! The viagra one made me do a spit take of coffee! Please stay safe and well. I hope your neighbor takes the hint.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, wear your "Fuck you Trump" t-shirt to keep people away -- that t-shirt will save your life, LOL! Ironic, isn't it. I love your solution for dealing with chatters who don't have the sense to stay home.

Thanks for all the great memes and LOLs. One is particular sums up this whole situation --

"Suddenly the whole nation is depending on the very people they don't believe should make $15 an hour."

Goddess bless them all and you too, Jackiesue!

Ol'Buzzard said...

Stay safe
the Ol'Buzzard

Vivian Swift said...

This is why I tipped our grocery store check out lady $10 the last time I went shopping. Next week, when I have to do it again, I'll tip $20. They all deserve it.

I think you could save some breath just by coughing in the direction of a Trumper. You get rid of a chatty lady, and you just might cause a Trumper to die. Classic Win/Win.

AZ Guy said...

Former rough tough construction worker. I melted at the "Be this little piggy"

Jackie Sue, thanks for making shelter in place more fun !

Anonymous said...


The Blog Fodder said...

Raise your hand if you knew from Nov 9, 2016. . . so many of us did but never imagined it could be so bad


Valerie, that Viagra one made me laugh so much..yeah, my neighbors are just afraid enough of me to stay way more than 6 feet..hahahh
Goddess bless you Debra...some of the virus ones I don't post even though they may make everyone laugh..but think if might be intensive to people that do have it or know someone that has the virus.
ol'buzzard, I am ...my house smells like bleach..
vivian that is so great of you and something I can do also..especially to our kids at food mart..I'll have to ask Mark if it's ok to tip them..as they have always refused tips before.
thanks gary..my ggs thought it was pretty funny..cause the got it right away..thanks for the meme you sent.
anonymous ..your welcome..
Fodder I knew he would fuck it up but not on this grand scale..

Goddess bless you all for your kind words.

Anne Johnson said...

Olivia is driving her cat insane. Mine, on the other hand, has had a nice fire to warm his spoiled ass two days this week. Likely tomorrow too.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Jackie Sue

You are the best! Thank you for doing your part to keep all of us (mostly) sane!

Stay safe everyone.


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