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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

trump going to Alamo, Texas...he should remember

           what happened at the real alamo...asshole.

fucking blogger put them up again..last to first..fuck blogger.


Rocky D said...

Really good line-up today. Love to laugh. Thanks JackieSue. The Rosa/Ruby/Kamala meme really touched my heart.

Vivian Swift said...

Good stuff today! And it's true, I watch that Trumper on the No Fly list crying his little heart out because "THEY" have called him a terrorist and he can't get home because it makes me happy. P.S. to the shithead: It was George Bush who instituted the No Fly list, not Nancy Pelosi.

I'm grateful for you, JackieSue.

Valerie said...

So many great ones! Don't tell my husband about the men's snackables! These are perilous times indeed, but as long as people like you are in the world, I have hope. Have a good one!

rjnerd said...

I particularly like the pic of Ms Pelosi with the shaman as trophy. May one of donny boy join it after the conviction.

Ole phat stu said...

Just noticed who the child shadow of Kamala is. SUBTLE.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ha ha, that Hugh Hefner one! And the "hunting memes" one made me laugh out loud! But we're grateful, Jackisue, really we are!!!

Lin Barker said...

Your site is one of the first I click on in the morning and I appreciate the time and effort you put into it. Starts me out Left (I'm not a republican".

pam nash said...

US doesn't negotiate with terrorist's. Now hopefully lawmakers/enforcers will remember that! Good ones today.

Anonymous said...

Re: unleashing all of your inner demons...I have been told that if, during an argument I start to smile (like that little girl), everyone knows they should run. Her face is how I feel when that anger starts to boil up.

Thanks again for another stellar day of memes - you literally help me make through each day.


jono said...

Another successful day of meme hunting!

Eileen in Fla. said...

We are very grateful! You've been a beacon that has kept my house sane.


RockyD....isn't that the loveliest?makes me weep.
Vivian, watching that little asshole cry at the airport made my day.Thank you so much.
Valerie, that lunchable looks pretty damn good.Ha.everyone's being so sweet today.
rjnerd, I just want to see him behind bars.
ol phat..isn't that just the best?
Debra,I'm still going to wear my pj's just in case.and thanks Debra. that makes me feel great.
Lin, I want to keep you going left..I'm here for you..ha
Pam, thanks..there were so many out there..
Closette, Im exactly the same way. If my voice lowers to almost a whisper and I smile...run for your life. Glad I could be here for you all.
Jono, thanks sweety..
Eileen in Florida..ha..welcome to ydg's...and glad to keep your house sane..it's my job.

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