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Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday? it's Friday? Why do I need a nap?

                                                          I want this tshirt.



Vivian Swift said...

Seriously, Minnesota should take all the guns away from the cops before the whole state goes broke.

But, happily, I can face the weekend because you made me laugh. Let's hope that next week goes better.

Valerie said...

Happy Friday! These are so great! I may have stolen some . . . Have a great weekend

Ol'Buzzard said...

It is not about mass shooters, it is not about cop killing black people, it is not about dangerous militia; It is about guns - the availability of guns - the gun slinger attitude - the acceptance of a gun culture. Yes there are social, racist - anarchist - police militarization and mental illness factions that need to be addressed; but it is the guns. Guns are killing people.
the Ol'Buzzard

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, For my morning smile. Care

AZ Guy said...

We are not a divided country. 74 million idiots voted for TFG (the former guy). We are a country with an idiot problem !

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I need one of those "fornicate thyself" t-shirts too, LOL! "Not divided, but has a huge white male supremacy problem" -- very, very true.

The Blog Fodder said...

Between racist cops and mass shooters in America, I am glad I live in Ukraine where the worst that can happen is a mass invasion by the Russian military. I am just sick reading the news, Jackiesue. Blame everything on the victims

Richard said...

At the moment, we are beaming negative thoughts to that nasty Matt Gaetz and that piece of shit Senator Mike Lee from Utah.
I live in Utah, so he is especially offensive.
Other than that, things are looking much better.
So many of my neighbors are still afraid of getting the vaccine. I am their guinea pig. If i die, nobody will miss me much, so they wait to see what happens.

No problem. I will still wear a mask in public situations, but it means i can go about more freely.


there is a lot to just making it thru the weekend Vivian, glad to be of service.
Valerie, steal away. weekend full of family birthdays.
O'Buzzard, I know I'll piss a bunch of people off, but the only guns that should be allowed are guns for hunting. Bullets should be sold only at hunting season and no more than a doz. Don't need pistols or assault weapons..
awww anonymous. Nice to know I make you smile.
Debra I really do think we need that tshirt.
az guys...how the fuck did they get so stupid?
Blog fodder I worry about the russians invading you guys..scary shit..Putin is an asshole.
Richard one of my neighbors said she wasn't getting the vaccine cause her son is a pharmaceutical rep and he said not to. I said excuse me but you and your son are dumb asses and I listen to scientist and actual drs..dipshit. sigh*.today is my 10th day after my second shot..went to gg's birthday party at Fuji's and I still wore my mask and said back away mother fucker to anyone coming near me without one...which was a lot..

Richard said...

What? We say fuck the Russians all the time. We have reasons for that. Now that i think about it, we have reasons.
Still, we are family.