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Monday, April 19, 2021

you can't say fuck the Russians on Facebook..

 it's considered a hate crime...............I said the only people that would be offended by Fuck the Russians would be the Russians. So I got bounced for 3 days. So post will be slim pickings. I'm torn between WTF? and laughing. I think they read that I was bragging that I had never been tossed off facebook even though I pulled no punches. Then to get bounced for 3 days for Fuck The Russians is reaching. hahaha..

naturally blogger posted all the memes in reverse order..fuckers..


pam nash said...

I need a button like the one above - can be unladylike. In fact I may need several to pass out to others!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Kicked off FB? You criminal!

My 2 faves today --

Urgent update to "burn your Levis'"


"They complain about immigrants"


yeah, pam,I'm pretty sure no one expects me to be lady like...ever.

Kulkuri said...

Someone I know online was kicked off twitter permanently for posting a tweet that said Ann Coulter should be buried at sea like Osama Bin Laden.

Valerie said...

Facebook tried to kick me off for a meme that showed Jeffrey Dahmer with a hamburger, saying "I don't think there are 5 guys in here." I must have posted it months ago. They thought I was celebrating serial killers. They did reconsider.

AZ Guy said...

OK everyone, if you see a stray meme laying around the internet please send it to Jackie Sue ! Being a Facebook refugee must not be easy, but we can make it easier ! ! !


wibble said...

Probly better off with "Fuck Putin and all his stooges".


yeah, Debra, I'm a hoodlum....stupid people.
Kulkuri, we're not allowed to say anything about any individual, even if they're russians..must be asshole buddies with Zucklebery.
Valerie, that makes me laugh.
az, I'm out of jail..hopefully I'll be back in action by wend.
wibble...yeah, that would have really pissed them off..

The Blog Fodder said...

I am proud of you for being kicked off FB. Awesome.
Re tubes tied, the last thing my late wife said to the doctor as she was going under for her fourth Caesarian (all planned) "Don't forget to tie my tubes." He didn't forget. I had offered to get a vasectomy but a friend of ours had one and it bled. He needed a wheelbarrow to carry himself around. My wife thought this was simpler.

Nan said...

I got kicked off Facebook briefly once for sharing that photo of Melanoma dressed only in her hands (a photo that had been kicking around on FB for a couple years) and another time got a 30-day suspension for sharing a post that linked to an article in something like Wall Street Journal. I appealed the latter and got let back in the play pen pretty quickly.

In retrospect, I should have let the 30 day suspension slide. Being away from FB that long might have cured me of wasting time in that particular space.


I got a lot of shit done those 3 days.haha