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Friday, December 01, 2023

well, they pulled that one out of their ass...........didn't beat the spread either.....

                                                       I have three..



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Fisherman's friend, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Great! Loved them ALL. Thank YOU.

Jerri said...

Well, Merry Christmas to us! Didn’t expect a post today.
Replace …”feed the cats” with “feed the dogs” and that’s me. Every. Fucking. Day. But I remain hopeful.
Apples & oranges(and we know which is which). What a perfect example of “complete opposite”. The “apples” worked hard FOR the people and the orange ones are trying to destroy. One couple deserves our thanks & admiration the other needs to be in jail. Yeah, the bitch too. Complicity.
The Fisherman’s Friend 😂
The last one. A-fucking-men.
Thanks, Jackiesue. Have a great weekend.

Cleora Borealis said...

The Puritans banning xmas goes even deeper. Today's Puritans, especially those who have grabbed power in our democracy, work hard to stop the joys of human nature. Don't have a robust sex life! Don't have fun on the "lord's day" that they made up just to tell you that! Whip your children when they exhibit the pure joy of being alive! And yet we see every day that it is the restricting of human nature that manifests in the worst eruptions of human behavior! Let people live their true selves and they see others as true selves🥰...restrict true selves and everyone starts to resemble a demon!! 👹

Anonymous said...

Republicans reveal their case against Hunter Biden... Ha ha.

George Santos was voted out of congress this morning. Finally. (or should I say, Cher?)

"I guess it's true, the bitch really doesn't care". She has a team of people working for her, who apparently don't care either. She's a disgrace and deserves the ahole she married.


Leanna said...

I stayed up last night instead of going to bed and reading. It was a good game. ;)
Also I have 2 of those pans. That Mars meme was perfection.

bruce,desertrat said...

My mind is a steel trap, LOL

"Apples and oranges"? More like Apples and rotting cabbages, amirite!

wibble said...

Apples and hand-grenades.

River said...

"I'll be the one chasing you up the stairs..." that's a good one.

Mike said...


Upriverdavid said...

I would like to know, not that it would do any good, why did it take 3 votes to get rid of this P.O.Shit?
And the names of the traitors who voted to keep him in place.
Good thing that I'm old-er, I don't think I'll be alive to see everything hit the ditch.
Take Care you folks with brains out here.