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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. radio personality Don Imus on Tuesday defended linking a football player's race to brushes with the police as Imus tried to dampen a brewing race controversy over remarks he made one day earlier.
During his breakfast show on Monday on Citadel Broadcasting Corp's ABC Radio Networks, Imus discussed Adam "Pacman" Jones, who was suspended by the National Football League in April 2007 because of his link to a Las Vegas triple shooting.
A colleague of Imus commented on how many times Jones had been arrested since he had been drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2005, and Imus asked what color he was. Told that Jones is black, Imus responded: "Well, there you go. Now we know."
But on Tuesday Imus said during his show: "Obviously I already knew what color he was. The point was to make a sarcastic point.(bullshit)
"What people should be outraged about is they arrest blacks for no reason," he said. "There's no reason to arrest this kid six times, maybe he did something once, but I mean everybody does something once."(Don Imus is doing what we call in Texas.....covering his ass....Pac Man was arrested because he has a sense of intitlement and is an idiot, and only quit fucking up when he figured out he wouldn't be able to make any money to 'get' into trouble if he didn't shape up...)
CBS Radio fired Imus in April 2007 for referring to the predominantly black members of a university women's basketball team as "nappy headed hos," a phrase combining a derogatory term for coarse, curly hair with slang for whore.(thank you for the discourse in language..like no one in the fucking country knew what it meant when he called them 'nappy headed hos'...)
Civil rights campaigner Rev. Al Sharpton said he found the infere
nce in this week's remark by Imus "disturbing." He said his National Action Network lobby group had been monitoring Imus' show since he returned to the airwaves in December.(Al Sharpton is a asshole, and no one actually cares what he thinks)
"I find the inference of his remark disturbing because it plays into stereotypes. Any use of stereotypes is always counterproductive," Sharpton said in a statement. "We will determine in the next day or so whether or not his remark warrants direct action on our part."(Excuse the fuck out of me..but who died and made him judge and jury?)
Jones, 24, recently signed with the Dallas Cowboys and was cleared this month to begin practicing with the team.
Where he announced he wanted to be called by his given name as Pac Man had a bad connotation to it....duh!..ya think?
I think Don needs early retirement and I hope Adam Jones has really cleaned up his act, cause if he fucks up my Coyboays with any off the field activities..I will hunt him down and tap dance on his forehead and cotton eyed joe on his ribcage...
fuckme till I penetrate the end zone.


That Rude Girl said...

Don't you think he's just looking for attention? I think the first time he honestly slipped up...but now...Now, he's just trying to stir up controversy to get attention. Disgusting.

mrsb said...

Not that I think what Imus said was right, by any means, but this is what freaking happens when you give a "good ol' boy" a microphone. Did they not get it the first time he fucked up? Sheesh. Why is he still on the air?
Al Sharpton also makes my blood boil. He's his own kind of idiot. He might not use derogatory terms while doing it, but he's the first one to jump on someone's butt and cry foul for the attention.

Nan said...

Imus is an idiot. If anything, Pacman Jones has actually gotten off light for being a thug. The Atlanta paper did a long profile of him last year -- on one level I felt a little sorry for the guy because he obviously comes from a really dysfunctional background, but on another. . . he's a classic example of a thug who was allowed to get away with a lot of crap because he was also a gifted athlete and who refuses to grow up and take responsibility for his own actions. He hasn't been "profiled." If anything, the opposite is true. If Imus had two brain cells left to rub together the obvious thread for him to follow would have been about athletes squandering their talents and the coaches, public, media, etc., that let them do so until it's too late.

Nan said...

BTW, I think the Cowboys blew it in acquiring this guy. It would be nice if he has actually cleaned up his off-field behavior, but given his history it's not likely.

Anonymous said...

They hire Don Imus to be controversial, then when he is, they kick his ass. He needs to go to Sirius or XM so he can say what he wants. Freedom of speech, baby.

Jez said...

If Imus has any sense, which he obviously doesn't, he'd have his mouth sewn shut. We all have our right to opinion as dumb or wrong as it may be. But come on, what a dumb ass.

jobsanger said...

At Imus' age, he passed up "early" retirement a long time ago.

texlahoma said...

What color is this Imus fellow?
Well there you go, now we know.

Sling said...

Imus makes me embarrassed to be a white guy.

Omar said...

is that big rock winking at me as it prepares to flick a booger in my general direction?

Big Tex said...

Imus has a long history of making overtly racist remarks, and has mostly gotten by without attracting any attention until recently. People like him are normalizing racism, and they're allowed to do so because so many of them have learned how to play the political correctness card on the rare occasions when they do get called out. I hope he gets his ass nailed to the wall, but it appears unlikely that's going to happen.

Gadfly said...

And why do the cowboys need another loser discipline case to help pull the team farther apart?

Oh ... I forgot. The owner's an idiot.


buddha_girl said...


I can still see the look on Richie's face when I gleefully told him how the Cowboys had acquired ole PacMan....har!!! So damn classic.

Imus? No one can tell me that he doesn't realize what he says.

Imus is a lot of things - dumb isn't one of them. Mouthy? Arrogant? Powerful? Absolutely. Bordering on some real racist remarks? Uh huh. With all that said, I bet he'll still continue with his radio show.

Al Sharpton? He's a shmuck. Period.

yellowdog granny said...

rudegirl:dont' think so..he's to smart to be so damn dumb..if your trying for attention you would do it on a subject matter other than race..
mrsb:he's doing what they pay him to do...say controversial things..but i would think they told him..look ..no more race comments..but nooo! and sharpton is an prejudiced against white people as some people are against black..
nan:yeah, if he wanted to go off on a subject..how about overpaid athletics that squander their jobs and life with women/booze and drugs...I always liked Imus, but he's gotten old and stupid..
rox:i believ in free speech, but no use in using it to get your dumb ass fired for shit that you already have been fired for ..
jez:if he was smart, he would have said..I only said it to see if anyone was really listening...
jobsanger..he needs to go out to the ranch and take a long nap..
tex:hahahahahahh..that maybe the best reply of all...perfect..
sling:he makes OLD guys look bad..
omar:uh....she could be....you never can tell..
bigTex:i'll be interested in seeing how this one plays out..he may talk his way out of this one..nice way to treat someone that gave you a second chance..
gaddY: don't know what he just doesn't go to huntsville and field him a team out of there...????
buddha:ahh, they're both schmucks...and jerry jones would put the devil in uniform if he could block..

sageweb said...

Imus is a horrible dickwad. Why people even give him the time of day I will never figure it out. Pacman is an idiot too...in fact now I am in a bitchy mood.

Josh said...

A racist comment by a radio personality? Oh dear... so, who was it?

Don Imus?

Ohhh, that explains it.

Woozie said...

I hope Pacman and Tony Homo go clubbing together and Adam shoots Tony six times in the face.

Go Redskins :P

Cheesemeister said...

Two things:
Imus is an idiot.
Pacman Jones is an idiot.
Stupidity knows no color!

Nit Wit said...

Imus is a senile shock jock who says stupid things every day.
Al Sharpton is always looking for ways to get his name in the media so he won't feel like what he is. A nobody with a big mouth. Don't know anything about Pac Man except it was a stupid game.
I find it funny that it is a terrible thing for someone to say the things Imus says but any of the religious nuts or NEOCON shills on the radio and TV including everyone from the Gump on down and preach hate of gays or anyone who isn't one of their blind followers be it religion or politics try and make it national policy. I don't see the difference between them and Imus. Funny how they get away with it though.

billy pilgrim said...

i'm disturbed that sharpton's disturbed and i'm even more disturbed the way the same belly achers are interviewed about their outrage every time some one farts.

other than that, i'm happy as a feckin clam.

yellowdog granny said...

sage:yeah, they're not really high on the iq scale..
josh:you and tex said it best..ha....
woozie:oooh, wait till football season we're gonna whup yo'asses...like last season...
cheesy:yupper.assholes come in all colors..
nitwit:well, you said it best and wish i had said it ...you hit the nail right on the head..worse things are said and done by more dumb people every day and not get called on the carpet for it...but think the goddess is keeping score..
billy:leave it to my two favorites to put the correct spin on the whole damn thing..I love you two sonsabitches..

catscratch diva said...

Simply said... they are all dorks.

Attention whoring dorks.

jan said...

The Cowboys have a knack for handling some of the more psycho members of the NFL and turning them productive. I hope this one works out.