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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Oh, man..poor Jason...I don't think he knew what hit him..Being in the middle between Jenny, Jamie and Me...He was bombarded with the fuck word...Fuck this, fuck that...get fucked...fuck you...It was pretty sad..felt bad for him. But it didn't keep us from having a ball..We ate at a buffet type Chinese Restaurant and it was fantastic..They had Mongolian stir fry and just a load of different types of Chinese food. Five different types of shrimp, pot stickers, dumplings, all kinds of Sushi, sweet and sour everything. Ribs, marinated mushrooms, all sorts of noodles and vegetables. It was incredible..It was $41 for 4 of us..Jason had 2 refills, Jenny and Jamie had 1 refill each..They split 2 plates of Sushi and each of us had a plate of deserts..Little peti-fours cakes, cream puffs, ice cream, puddings, etc. We ate and laughed and laughed and ate..We were noisy and disruptive and didn't give a fuck..and we didn't get throw out..But next time we go there I bet they don't sit us dead center, bet they stick us over in a corner all by our lonesome..ha. We spent some time at Jenny's and Jason's apt. and played with LuLu the Maltese puppy, who thinks she is a pit bull dog...She's bored from being in her little crib cage all day till they come home from work and she has more energy than 7 dogs.

She loves to play fetch..once you pry the toy out of her teeth and throw it..but she wants you to fight for it first. I took her a little elephant toy and she really likes it..except when the butt is up..for some reason she won't go near it if it lands on it's face and it's butt is sticking out...If it lands on it's back she'll grab it and play with it..pretty funny..

I am still in shock over the Golf game..I don't give 2 shits about golf, but when Tiger Woods plays, it's a different story..and this week end was Golf Gold..Wow..what can you say .?...He's unbelievable..

Now I'm fixing to go watch the last Basketball playoff game..I think it's going to be the last because I think Boston is going to cream the Lakers ass, or at least I hope they do...

I got a roll of film out and these are some pictures of Jamie with a Dublin Dr Pepper, Miss Henrietta's memorial party and some of Inky, Anessa and Devin in his 8th grade graduation robe. He'll be a freshman next year. Also pictures of my new book cases..and Anessa with Willie..

Gotta run, want to watch the Lakers get their butts kicked...Sorry all you Calif. readers...but I have to go with the Celtics..I like Boston, it's the only place where people say Fuck more than I do..what's not to like..


mrsb said...

I can't tell you what a big smile you put on my face by using the phrase "I'm fixing to...". After 10 years in NJ, I still get harassed for using that phrase (which leads me to saying things like, "I'm fixing to punch you").

Once I actually had someone ask me "how do you fix to go do something".


unokhan said...

that inky feller is all about the celebration called life, aint he

Sling said...

I forgot what I was gonna say when I read mrsb's comment.
Bein' raised by a Texan,the phrase 'I'm fixin' to' just naturally rolls off the tongue.
I forget that not everyone gets the concept.
Happy congrats to Devin!

Nit Wit said...

I want pot stickers!
I've told my son about Dublin Dr. Pepper as he only drinks Dr. Pepper.
I hate basketball. It's gotten to the point where they draw things out so much that I think they get about a week off between the end of the season and the start of the next. I like Golf better but I quit playing that when I left the Air Force and saw how expensive green fees were in the real world.
Tiger is the best their ever was.

Inky looks like he is really enjoying being sober.

Anonymous said...

That kid's only in grade 8? They grow em big in Texas don't they?!

Tiger who?

I'm kidding! It's all over the news all over the world, Tiger Tiger Tiger. Sheesh!

Gadfly said...

Birds are the only animals that hate me

Love them as I wish to do. A 30-year-old macaw bit the living fuck out of me after being held by all manner of people.

I suspect I have some subtle smell that speaks of a mammalian predator, because when I do dog body language, I am completely understood by canids and large felines. There is a picture of me in Africa with my arm in the mouth of a 300 pound adolescent male lion. He was just funnin'

We were totally simpatico


Big Tex said...

Mmm, Chinese...Golf is one of those things I just can't get into regardless of who's playing, or how close the score is. It's like watching snails fuck, it's so boring. Although if Tiger Woods fucked a snail - now that might be entertaining. Not "2 Girls, 1 Cup" entertaing, but entertaining nonetheless...Basketball is fine when I have the Mavericks to root for, but I just can't get myself too worked up about it otherwise. I'll watch it if there's nothing else on, but I culd take it or leave it. Now football, that's a different story.

Nit Wit said...

All right I give up. What are you using for a bookend on the top of that last bookcase? Whatever it is it looks like It's having fun.

unokhan said...

that gal's sho got a purty smile

lordee u got a lot o books and an array of oddities

gotta agree w/nit re the 'it' having fun, hah! and what is that small dish of white pow-- oh, nm

congrats to the young grad

kath said...

Blasted book cases always look so big when empty, and then you start putting on the books and its all over. I bought a new one a few weeks ago and filled it up in 5 minutes flat.

Have you tried Bookmooch?

its a wonderful thing.

I have been very lazy about blogging lately...blogging and everything else..

wanted to stop by and say hello

take cre..

Nan said...

That's an amazing range of titles on those bookcases. You really are an omnivorous reader, aren't you?

yellowdog granny said...

mrsb:it's my favorite expression..im fixing to kick your ass..makes sense to me..
unokhan:inky is a world unto his own..he rocks to a different drummer..
sling:there are only certain things that i say that are 'texan'..like fixing to..and saying winda for window, and mirra for mirror, and awl for oil...i refuse to lose them too...
Nitwit:i will send him a dublin dr pepper, but tell him to be prepared to never like the other stuff as much after he drinks it..for a dr pepper drinker..it's like reaching the promise land..ha
i could care less about golf but when tiger plays i like to watch and this time it was spectacular..i oly like to watch the basketball playoffs but the celtics beating the lakers at home was fucking fantastic..i would have liked it better if it had been a texas team, but they didn't make it..inky says not drinking beer was easier than not drinking big red/or dr pepper..and now his life is really hell, as anessa quit smoking and he's 'fixing to kill her'..hahahah
rox:yup, devin is a big kid..plays football and baseball..you should have seen the 60 foot putt that tiger made..unfuckingbelievable...sigh*
gaddy: willie is a pretty chilled out bird..think it comes from being named after willie nelson..who is so laid back it gets him arrested..ha..
in a lions mouth??holy shit!..
bigtex:i like to see excellence in any sport..and tiger is the best ever so it's a pleasure to watch him..yah, i can't wait till football season...looks like glenn maybe heading out to greener pastures..
nitwit:hahaha..that's one of my mayan statues...one leg is sticking straight up and isn't a full leg..the other one is bent forward and resting on his head..i saw it and fell in love with it..had it for about 30 years..i'll take a picture of it front on..i love the expression on his face..
unokhan:that's my 19 year old granddaughter jamie..and she does have the greatest smile..i have a collection of weird mayan statues, artwork, nekkid goddess's...and the strangest assortment of books..i have 3 shelves of childrens books, i shelf of birds, animals, reptiles, science,travel, shelf of sports, shelf of comedy, shelf of movies,one of foreign language dictionarys, history/politics, art books, music books along with my old lp's..books on religion(all kinds)horoscopes, astrology, women's books, diy's books, classics, novels, you name it...i have a book on it..I heart my books..history of all sorts, european history, texas history, us history. books on vikings,egypt,africa, russia, china, etc..sigh* i loves my books..
kath:i need at least 2more book cases...i just knew this would do it...but noooooo..
nan:yupper...i love books, the smell of them, the sound they make when you turn a page...the excitement of finding a 'good one'....it's a sickness..ha..

buddha_girl said...

The only thing missing from that Chinese dinner is ME! Ha!

Love that you christened Jason's ears with the F bomb all night long. Hearing it from three different women over and over again likely sent him into a fit of apoplexy. Very good times!

I LOVE that the Lakers lost. I HATE them. HATE. Almost as much as the Red Sox.

Nit Wit said...

By the way, The new Koonts book is great. I had to keep it hidden from my sons until I finished and I was right I'm now in morning because it's over.

jan said...

I love to sit in the center of a restaurant and make asses of ourselves using all the profanity we can. Glad to see that is a Texas pasttime too.

Lily Strange said...

I like Lulu.
The description of the Chinese food made me hungry. Then again, everything makes me hungry.
I'm supposed to stop eating anything with gluten in it for two weeks and see if I might have intolerance. It's amazing how many things contain wheat that you wouldn't think of.

tsduff said...

I adore sushi - and cockatoos. Nice gal too:) LULU was the name of my daughter's African Grey Parrot, who became so foul mouthed that my daughter had to leave the parrot with her roommates because they had taught LULU some very pottymouthed words... :( what a waste

yellowdog granny said...

buddha:you would love it..it's the only thing in waco besides my grandaughters that is worth the trip..
jason will either get over it..or he won't ha..
nitwit:nancy said it's on it's way...and I will be there every day till it gets there..i love dean koontz...I;m like that too..when i finish a good book..i want it to keep going and going and going..likethe name of the wind..i keep going over to his blog and telling him to quit jerking around and go finish the book.ha..
jan:not sure about texas pasttime..but it's a pasttime for the denney/brown family..i used to have a placq..that said to jackie brown, she has the fastest fuckyou in town...yupper...
tsduff: i taught my parakeet pete to say fuck the yankees...made my day..willie likes to say 'here kitty kitty' and lure the cat in then bite him..cat falls for it every time..ha..

yellowdog granny said...

lily:i hate eating healthy..till i realize because i am eating healthy i have lost 55 lbs..